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  1. poppa134

    poppa134 Full Member

    I'm coming to the end of my first third week(third weigh in tomorrow) and yesterday I put on a pair of trousers that I bought a few years ago and there too big! All my usual clothes are too big as well and this is what is making it all worthwhile. The buzz I'm getting from trying on all my clothes is amazing.To anyone whos just starting CC its so worth it. Someone wrote in a previous post how nice it will be to be able to wear the clothes that we want to wear and not just what fits and I couldnt agree more.I've learnt an awful lot from this board and its been my saviour especially in the first week so a BIG THANKYOU to everyone on here.

    Nikki x
    p.s. off to primark at the weekend to stock up on some "temporary clothes" might fit into some of there stuff now.
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  3. Happe

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    Well done Poppa. Isnt it great when you can get in the next size down.
  4. poppa134

    poppa134 Full Member

    It certainly is. The other thing that I've noticed is I dont seem to get out of puff as easily either. On saturday night I went out with my hubby and we had to park miles away and walk for about 1/2 hour each way and my hubby walks quickly. Usually I'd be moaning and groaning but I didnt seem to bother me and I kept thinking what good exercise(I think I've been given a brain transplant)
    The other thing that I've really noticed is that like most women I get mood swings sometimes but I seem to be fine, I think that this goes to show that food affects me far more than I thought.
  5. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    Hi Poppa and congratulations on doing so well.

    Your observations are all very good points. I like you was fascinated by all the observations I made about myself and how I felt. i think I did this more due to the fact that I kept my diet private and so didn't have people commenting and asking me questions. I like you felt so much healthier and happier almost immediately on starting CD.

    I think cutting out carbs probably made the biggest difference to me. They used to make me feel so sluggish, depressed and physically tired. I think that cutting them out made a bigger difference to me than the actual weightloss. Now I am normal weight and reintroducing carbs I am noticing again days were my mood is low or feeling sluggish so I am now trying to identify foods that do this to me and develop a plan and eating habits to suit my body.

    The weightloss itself though is fantastic. Three weeks in now you are well underway. There will be no stopping you now.

    Dizzy x
  6. lisaloooo

    lisaloooo Full Member

    Wow well done :)

    Its such a brilliant feeling isn't it and this is the only diet you get to that point in three weeks.

    I was sorting some clothes at the weekend and found a pair of shorts I couldn't get into last year.

    Not only did they fit they were too big! :)
  7. sonkie

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    It sure is a great feeling, I have just had a clear out and put them in a charity bag....such a good feeling. I have gone down 1 shoe size too. my rings are too big as well I have gone down 3 sizes for rings it truly is amazing to be getting these results weeks in not many months down the line.
  8. Karen

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    well done on the shrinkage! great to hear people so chuffed about their losses. well done to you too lisalooo.

  9. essexmum

    essexmum Full Member

    It's a great feeling wearing smaller sized clothes. I tow pairs of jeans that I struggled to wear on holiday last August (very tight and uncomfortable), now I can pull them down without acutally undoing them. I went into Tescos on Saturday and bought 2 pairs of jeans (£10 each - nice and cheap) in different sizes becuase I could decide which pair looked better, I thought I'd show my mum as she VERy honest when it comes to clothes and she says that the smalelr pair look better - so the size 14 goes back and I'm currently walking around with a big cheesy grin on my face as I'm wearing size 12 for the first time in years.

    I really wanted to be in a size 10 by August for our holiday to Turkey, but at this rate I could be a size 8!!! How cool would that be, I haven't been that small for almost 15 years!
  10. blitz

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    Well done I cant wait to work my way down my wardrobe again. Before you kwow it youll be wearing the next size down.:cool: :cool:
  11. DQ

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    So chuffed for you Poppa, and hope you had fun in Primark :D
  12. ArmsOfAnAngel

    ArmsOfAnAngel Full Member

    Please don't say that.... I AM A SHOE hoarder, I have loads of shoes, I can see a big spending come on when I slim.....

    Well got the ideal for my engagement ring today, he is going to buy be a nice gold chain for my birthday to keep it on till I am ideal weight.
  13. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    wow, well done! That's just brilliant.

    I cant wait to start getting into smaller clothes. My trousers are definitely getting looser already!
  14. poppa134

    poppa134 Full Member

    Just went for my 3rd weighin and am another 5lbs down,I'm floating on air now!!! This definately gets easier,I still have the odd bad day when I struggle but most of the time the fact I've gone down a size is enough encouragement,that and everyone elses losses on here,

    Nikki x
  15. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    wow!! well done Nikki!! That's so fantastic! Keep going!
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