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coconut muller light help

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Yummymummy30, 10 August 2011 Social URL.

  1. Yummymummy30

    Yummymummy30 Full Member

    I have just bought the coconut muller lights but it has chocolate sprinkles in them are they still syn free?
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  3. chun-ky

    chun-ky Silver Member

    Yes FREE enjoy :) x
  4. Yummymummy30

    Yummymummy30 Full Member

    Thank you i intend to lol
  5. llewis

    llewis Full Member

    not very nice are they - they dont taste of coconut - im sooo disappointed ive been waiting for these to come out
  6. carlabsoon to be p

    carlabsoon to be p Full Member

    Are they not that good? ive not tried any yet but was looking forward to trying the coconut one!! :(

    Has anyone tried the new ones frozen yet? What are they like?
  7. AngelicFruitcake

    AngelicFruitcake Full Member

    Finally found some last night (our Tesco mullerlight shelves look like they've been ransacked after the new varieties came out!!!) and they're ok. They're quite like the vanilla with chocolate sprinkles, with a coconutty aftertaste. Like the other ones with the sprinkles though I find the yoghurts thinner and not as creamy. Personally I'd prefer them to leave out the sprinkles and make the yoghurts nicer. Still, nice to have a bit of variety!!
  8. AngelicFruitcake

    AngelicFruitcake Full Member

    Also has anyone else noticed that thought the pots are the same size, there is actually less yoghurt??
  9. mandy296

    mandy296 Silver Member

    I've just checked weights on an old and new style pot and they both say 165g. If there was any less than stated it would be illegal.

    That said, I'm sure there used to be 190g in a pot - maybe they reduced the content before changing the packaging.
  10. Wannabethin1979

    Wannabethin1979 Full Member

    Yes, they did used to be 190g
  11. AngelicFruitcake

    AngelicFruitcake Full Member

    hmm, weird. I compared the ones I had in the fridge to the new ones and they were different weights. Can't see how I would have an old one though as I definitely bought them only a week or two before the pack changed... Maybe its the ones in the multipacks that had already been reduced and the single ones hadn't? I don't know, maybe I am just going mad!! I will investigate my fridge when I get home later :D
    (yes, I am bored!!!)
  12. Charleybarley

    Charleybarley Gold Member

    What new frozen ones? I haven't heard of these. I have been into practically every shop locally to hunt for the coconutty ones, although listening to others I am a little disappointed before even trying them. I too find Mullerlights really watery, esp. the sprinkley ones.
  13. Charleybarley

    Charleybarley Gold Member

    Oops I am such a div sometimes, I have just re-read the post - I thought for a sec that Muller had created some sort of frozen yogurt! I don't like the regular ones frozen.
  14. Emily1988

    Emily1988 Full Member

    Crashing the thread a little...are the banana and custard ones free too?? X
  15. AngelicFruitcake

    AngelicFruitcake Full Member

  16. carlabsoon to be p

    carlabsoon to be p Full Member

    It's not you it's me!! :) it may be the way I wrote it! Not using the correct punctuation!! :) oops!
  17. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Gold Member

    Crashing the thread as well - I really want / need to know the syn vale of the Shape Delight yogurts. They're so delicious, but don't want to blow my diet by presuming they're only half a syn if they're more.
  18. blonde8

    blonde8 Full Member

    The shape delights apple crumble and rhubarb crumble are 1/2 syn each if that's the ones u mean so get munching and enjoy, they are gorgeous x
  19. Charlotte-May

    Charlotte-May Member

    where can you buy the coconut mullers? not seen them anywhere?!!
  20. aidanb

    aidanb Member

    Asda do them at 30p at the moment
  21. Annya

    Annya Slimming tortoise :o)

    And Tesco - on offer @ 7 for £3 at the moment!!
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