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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by cocktailprincess, 12 February 2009.

  1. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it

    Hi everyone

    This is a bit of a strange one, but here goes...........

    I have noticed my knees are creaking quite a bit lately and can't help thinking it is because of the lack of oil in my diet these days (doing SW for 10 months).
    Someone mentioned I should take cod liver oil capsules, but I am concerned that they may have a syn value.

    Does anyone have a similar problem with creaking bones or know if Cod liver oil capsules have syn value?

    Thanks all x

    SLACK ALICE Well-Known Member

    weird....consultante was on about pills yesterday and she said the only pills with a syn value are..
    cod liver oil
    and fruit lozengers and medicine sweet type ones
    and lemsip, basically anything that has got fruity/ sweetners added to them
    As I can remember Im sure she said 1 oil capsule is 1/2 syn

    SLACK ALICE Well-Known Member

    Basic/Non Branded Foods Cod liver oil 1 level tsp

    [​IMG] Original 2 Syns [​IMG] Green 2 Syns
    couldnt find capsules
  4. Tracie Green

    Tracie Green Well-Known Member

    blimey, thats a bit off having to count that!! i wouldnt bother personally as its a beneficial thing that your doping for your health!! i have same problem actually and have been considering doing the same, im only 25 : ( hhhmmph x
  5. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it

    2 syns! Gutted. I could have a quality street and live with the creaky knees........?

    I wonder if lack of fat is the cause? I never used to have it, and you would think losing weight would help your joints, but I did used to use a lot of olive oil in cooking before.........?
  6. Minders

    Minders Finding inspiration

    I wouldn't have thought it was lack of fat... anyway, you're not going without fat totally. Just less of it. Your joints aren't lubricated with fat, as such. You could try a Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement as that is good for joints and bones. Or if you're really concerned, speak to your doctor about it. He/she can advise the likely cause and what to do about it.
  7. LadyHelen

    LadyHelen No Coffee, No Workee

    To be honest, at 1/2 a syn per capsule, if you're only taking one a day, I'd ignore the 1/2 syn, it's going to make absolutely s*d all difference.

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