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I drink alot of coffee, I've always drank it black no sugar. Before the diet, I was probably drinking about 8 mugs, now on the diet, am drinking more than that a day. Am just wondering whether it stalls weight loss? I've been comparing my losses with other people and mine seem to be a wee bit on the lower side. I don't know how to get off the coffee, am addicted to it I think, I even have a cup before going to bed sometimes. If I've been away from home for more than 4 hours and can't get anywhere to buy a cuppa, I get serious head aches and as soon as I have one the headaches go away. How can I stop drinking too much and is this the reason am not having bigger losses?
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I doubt it will have much effect on your losses , as long as you are drinking some water too ?? However that much caffeine isnt good for your general health , it can give you headaches and even palpatations and isnt great for your heart either .
If I were you I would try and cut donw , maybe start swapping one coffee a day for caffeine free , then 2 , until you have weaned yourself off it .
caffeine is a drug and I would say you are having too much !


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Thanks determinator, very helpful. x
and I would also say that your losses may seem lower than a lot of other people as you dont have as much to loose as some . The heavier you are the faster ytou loose to start with , then losses slow down the closer you get to a healthy weight :)


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true, am near my goal, just trying to get the stuborn stone off, am sure it'll fall off eventually, won't give up until I've done it. thanks again hun.

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