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COKE ZERO.......

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by SO MUCH TO LOSE!, 23 June 2009 Social URL.


    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

    Are we allowed to have it???
    I know there has been debates on here before about it,but its been a while since i was last on cd so i was wondering if its allowed or not.
    Im not talking 1 a day just an odd one here and there.
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  3. LizS

    LizS Shut up Ethel

    Well my CDC said have that in pref to Diet coke, but limit it. I've had some, probably too much. As I seem to have slowed down in the last few days (1.5lb since Sat) I'm going to lay off it. Plus, it isn't nice. Yark.
  4. Purdey

    Purdey Well-Known Member

    i have one the odd day, especially if i am having cravings for something if you know what i mean?

    P x

    P.S pity there was none in the house this evening eh?

    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

    thanx girls,
    i bought one earlier just a small bottle and im debating weather to have it or not,so it definitely wont knock me out of ketosis? ive had my 6 litre of water today and just fancied a change.
  6. Lily

    Lily Well-Known Member

    The official answer is 'no', but many of us will admit, if pushed :), to drinking the odd can of Coke Zero.

    But it's one of those proceed at your own risk things. It certainly isn't recommended, but those of us who've been on and off CD for a while remember when it was allowed. :)
  7. Kellybeeb

    Kellybeeb Well-Known Member

    It wont knock you out i had it everyday a couple of months back didnt knock me out but did slow down my loss.

    I'd say a can is around enough and a bottle tends to make you hungry but everyone is diffrent x

    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

    i might just have a couple of swigs from the bottle,i actually hate diet drinks of all kinds and was a coke addict but i just thought that it would be nice to have something different plus i thought it might taste better since i havent had any fizzy drinks in a while.
    :devilangel: decisions,decisions mmmmmmmm
  9. Indianprincess

    Indianprincess Well-Known Member

    I have to admit, I did have the occasional coke zero. But take the sips slowly LOL....the 1st time I had it was when I was about 10 weeks in and as soon as I had a sip, I started to hiccup hehehe!! I couldnt stop!! I was at the bowling alley with friends and felt so embarrased LOL!!! Im sure you'll be fine though hun xxxx
  10. Eternalflame

    Eternalflame Excited about the new me!

    Save your bottle over a few days, in the eve as a sweet supp to soup maybe? xx
  11. RuthG

    RuthG Well-Known Member

    <whispers> I only drink diet coke aswell as the odd cup of coffee. I know you're not supposed to, but it has worked for me (so far!)

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