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coke zero


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Hi chuckie, hope all is well.
The advice is not to have coke zero as it can cause cravings and ther is debate about ketosis. But to be honest I have had a coke zero everyday from day 1 and have not craved and have lost weight. As usual it's different strokes for different folks and all that! It's whatever suits you. Maybe wait until you get into ketosis and see how it affects you?


I can do this.
I have one every day..done me no harm.

I was having one can a day and loosing weight, but only 3 pounds max a week. For the last 9 days I haven't had any coke zero at all and I've lost 8.5 pounds!

Suffice to say, I've sworn off the stuff now and am sticking to Perfectly clear Apple and Strawberry & kiwi instead!!

It will affect different people in different ways I guess.


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I have maintained a decent weight loss while having 1 can a day.
Awww Ceri - I don't want to put you off if it doesn't affect you but,l as I said, it will affect different peeps in different ways. I think some people are more sensitive to aspartame and it will knock you out of ketosis if you are. I'm definitely less hungry and find it easier to stick to SS'ing without the coke zero though. I might still have a can every now and again, but I'm not having one everyday anymore! :cool:


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No probs lovelyjoolz! If it might mean that I lose an extra bit (maybe,just maybe!) I think I can do without it. Am grateful for the info.


a bit different everyday
I have had it on occasion, certainley not every week, but about once a month, it did make me crave food a bit, but hasnt affected my weightloss
i guess its up to the individual really as it certainley is 'officially'allowed:)

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