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Cokes is back from beyond


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Hi guys. I'm back. I've spent the last month not able to get my ass into gear. I've made half hearted attempts but the carbs seem to win, so I've decided to try calorie counting for a bit to get myself back into strict mode then switch over to my favourite Atkins when my head is properly back. I would prefer to diary here again though as CC isn't a long term thing for me (plus I love you guys) as I see it as too strict for me but I just need to do the strict thing for a little bit. I have put on 7lbs since falling off the wagon, not too bad but still too much.
Life wise things are crappy, probably why I'm struggling with eating well but I'll feel worse if I put more weight back on so here I am. Missed you guys <3
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RACH!!!! Sorry private life is taking a few knocks, it's always so difficult to keep focused when that happens.

But so good to see you back hun, that's the first step - and of course you must keep on posting here 'cause we love you too :D xx
big hugs babes xxxxx
calorie counting is what im doing to but a lowish carb version (under 100g carbs) and im finding it good xxxxx


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Hi Rach,

We've not really "met" before I don't think, but welcome back and good luck with your CC :)

SD xx


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Vicky I keep thinking of all the carbs and I'm logging on MFP and hate seeing the higher numbers, but we'll see how it goes. You always did better with slightly higher carbs though didn't you.

Susie hope you are well and little Orbit is doing well too x

And Hi to the guys I haven't met yet.

I will get back on Atkins wagon I'm sure but I'm just trying to get myself in the habit of counting whats going in my mouth and thinking about it again. I know rice isn't good at all for me. Had it yesterday and had severe stomach pain afterwards so even though it was only a tiny portion I won't be doing that again. On Atkins I seemed to be pretty pain free, so I suspect that like Vicky I will attempt to keep as low carb as I can while counting calories, although I know the whole ketosis thing won't work but I really think I'm just not that good with alot of carbs. I do love my fruit though and had some lovely watermelon for breakfast which I wouldn't have done on Atkins I would have stuck to the berries, which are yum but now and again I just want different fruit. Fruity thats me.

Anyway, day 2 of CC is going ok for me.

B: 330g Watermelon- 99kcal, 3 scrambled egg whites 55kcal
L: garlic & corriander tortilla 166, 50g chicken 60, salad 50, WW chicken crisps 76
Snack 2 crisp bakes 80

So thats 586 so far today.

The plan is a nice long walk with the dogs later if weather stays ok.

Hope everyone is having a good day


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Hi Lisa. It is nice to have some things a bit higher carb but then there are others are that I wish were lower calorie as well as low carb. I will be back in the bacon and egg brigade but right now I know I'd have bread as well and never get into ketosis. So it's counting the cals and hoping for a little loss each week until I have the counting stuff again down and my head in the right place, then there'll be no stopping me from walking past the bread aisle. I really did find avoiding "evil" carbs quite easy last time I don't know whats changed. Maybe I just need another dose of bad stomach pain again to show me that most carbs make me ill. I seem to have been ok with the crisp bakes and tortilla wrap so far today, so we'll see, maybe its just the rice, pasta and potatoes that aren't good for me and they were the foods that I always used to eat too many of.

Anyway hope you are doing well Lisa. Hope Emma is ok. My 2 had kennel cough recently it is going around here and you never know who on the field has it. Just like a human cold I suppose but of course you always want to do the best for your dogs and with me having 2 it cost a fortune for the consultation and antibiotics. Maybe next time I'll just give the dogs Lemsip, lol.
I have actually been in ketosis being under 80g carb and under 1200 cals! (so the sticks said)
I stay under 100 now - are you logging on mfp love?
Yes Vicky I'm walkingcokes. I forget to go on for agaes but have been trying to be really good the last few days.

I got weighed this morning just while a waited for my prescription and I've lost 5lb in 2 days! Great eh. Well happy with that x


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Excellent loss Rachel!

Keep talking to us because a) we're good fun and full of advice, helpful or otherwise and b) we'll have to come and drag you round to Vicky's for another good laugh session and caramel vodka :D


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Evening Rach, very good to see you back:)
Glad that the weight seems to be coming off - keep going:D
I will keep coming back, but Susie do I only get dragged for caramel vodka if I don't come back. In a bit of a quandry (sp?) there! I was craving alcohol yesterday but I was good and settled for strawberries with yog instead, not as good but good :)


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Well done on resisting - and I bet the strawberries tasted delish! :)


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Strawberries and yogurt sound great:D
Morning Rach! Lovely to see you back and well done on the 5lb loss :)

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