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..doing it!
Hey all,

Im truely struggeling to cope! :cry:

Im constantly looking for a job (mainly retail as thats what I know) and have submitted alot of cv's and have registered with JobCentre Plus for help but have heard nowt.

Im now unsure if I can afford to stay on LT, my rent is my main priority and thats gonna be tough as it is. I cant even afford to move coz I dont have an advance deposit for somewhere cheaper :/

Im soo angry with myself for not saving any money over the years! To be honest, living in london is soo expensive its hard to save anything :/

None of my friends understand what I am going through because they all still live at home with their families - rent free!!!

I dont wanna sound mean but I truely envy the fact that they dont have any responsibilities. I dont have the option of moving back in with "mum and dad" as they are both deceased. Its just me.

Does anyone have any advice or have been in a similar situation??

I just need to know that it can be possible for my life to get back on track! I feel like everything's falling on me.

I appolagize to anyone who thinks that this post might be innappropriate but I truely need to get these feelings out.

It doesnt help that Im sitting here flippin' freezin my butt off coz of ketosis!!!
(ok lame joke but I seriously need cheering up!!!)

Thanks for reading, I truely hope you are ALL doing better than me!

Lei xx :wave_cry:
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I am going through a marriage separation at the moment, i think we have all been in low situations at some point or another.

Have you been to Citizens Advice to see if they can help you or give you any advice?

What about a flat mate?? Would be company and help with the rent and the bills?

Maybe doing a course to enhance your qualifications?

It would be a shame to waste your hard work on LT, but just think, could you on £36 worth of food a week?? Thats one of looking at it.

Wrap up or go for a warm bath, will heat u up and make u feel better.

Hope I have been of use, good luck and keep posting, we will all help you through it x
sorry you are feeling so down. times are hard for many people darling. You have done so well with your weight loss so far. Even if you have to stop Lt for financial reasons, hopefully you have gained the motivation and determination that LT brings. You can carry on dieting without LT, keep the carbs and saturated fat low and protiens higher.Keep drinking water. you will certainly still lose weight. If you can do it without LT, your even better than the rest of us. At least it is something positive to look forward to. Setting realistic goals is one way to keep positive through hard times. good luck to you and hopefully something will show up (job wise)

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
arr hun sorry to hear your going thru this but u are doing one positive thing by making a fresh start with your weight loss that is a good kick start to your future beacause u are being positive about inproving your health and think of how much more confident you will feel when you loose a little weight and are feeling good about how you look and feel when you do eventually go for job interviews, just think about it and work it out you proberly spend more on buying food than u do buying LT. i know its tough my OH got laid off a few months ago he is now doing courses to try and improve his work prospects and he is feeling so much better about himself now, and i just yesterday was told my firm i work for are having to close down but i am trying to stay positive and think well maybe something better will come along there is always light at the end of the tunnel hun and u can get thru this its just a blip and things can hopefully only get better. just try and stay focused... good luck
big hugs! x x x x


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Awww Lei :( I'm so sorry to hear things are so bad for you, but things can only get better, no matter how bad things can get... There is always light at the end of the tunnel!

Liz posted some really great points, a flat mate is a good idea - would any of your friends be willing to move in with you to help out financially wise? Do you have any hot water bottles, I bet a hot water bottle under your feet right now wouldn't go a miss! Why not get in bed and snuggle up and watch a nice DVD with a happy ending :) aww I don't know Lei :( I really hope you feel better soon xxx

Oh and, one last thing... Why didn't the bogie play football?

...cos he didn't get picked :p haha, I've known that once since primary, it's the only one I know actually :)


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flat mate is a good idea, i bet there are hundreds of people in the same situation as you

sell all ur tat on ebay - i know of a girl at work who buys tat from her local poundshop and puts it on ebay for start price of 99p and makes a good profit most of the time. morally wrong but needs must i guess :)

lemme think....

become an avon rep? if u have done sales before you may well be really good at it and all the walking door to door would be good exercise too!

wear two pairs of socks and loads of clothes, wrap urself in ur duvet and feel snuggly

cant you get help with the rent from the government? if you are on job seekers allowance then maybe u are entitled to some or all of ur rent being paid too

chin up chuck
Don't apologise for feeling down, we all have days like that and the best thing to do is get it off your chest and posting on here does that and also gives you lots of ideas to get over what is getting you down.

Good luck with the job hunt, although the retail market is a bit down at the mo, I hope you find something soon.

In the meantime you are doing great so well done and hang in there.



..doing it!
I have just got back from taking a v loooong walk to calm down and reading all of your helpful comments have truely made me feel alot better :)

:thankyou: EVERYONE

liz0703 - I enrolled at my local Job Centre Plus this week and they said it will take up to 6 weeks to get any financial aid :/ but at least that ball is rolling. I want to get into social care work so I'll be enrolling at a college - NVQ starts in september - I was told that I cannot start any social care work without being enrolled onto a course first :/ so im looking for retail/other work for now. I have txt all my friends and asked if they/anyone they know what to flat share - I live in a 1bed flat but i do have a decent sized livingroom that I think can become a bedroom. Thank you for that suggestion :)

wellandgood - you're right about needing motivation and determination! Im doing my best to be realistic about everything and me getting soo overwhelmed certainly didnt help with my focus! Thank you :)

sparkle 63 - sorry to har about yr OH and the news from your firm :( and yes I so desperately want there to be a light at the end of this oh-so-dark-tunnel! Thank you :)

AaronCampbell - just found my hot water bottle (shaped like a monkey) thick socks and hat! Thanks for your joke, it made me giggle (much needed!!!) :)

LisaLisa - Gonna have a clear out of ALL the stuff I dont need/want and flog em on ebay! Ohhh my mum was an avon lady back in the 70's! Good idea, and I can get some exercise too. I am currently being registered for JSA and im waiting to find out if they will help with my rent and council tax. Fingers, and legs crossed! Thank you :)

I know times are bad at the moment - for everyone - but I am soo very glad that I have been able to get the support and advice that you have given. I will be weighing up all my options tomorow and get my priorities into order :cool:

I feel like I am going through the worst part of my situation but something possitive is yet to come....bloomin soon I hope!

Lei xxxx


..doing it!
Thank you cuddlyfairy I've just had a very overwhelming few days!

Posting on here has been a god send!

Im glad I found out about minimins, kinda good timing in a way :)


Here we go again!
I can't top any advice that has already been given but just wanted to send you lots of positive vibes and hope that things get better for you soon. We all have times like this in our lives and they do get better, promise! Thinking of you!
Me too leinaya . Hang in there girl . Things will look brighter soon. :D:D:D
hiya, cant top most of the advise given

i was in a sumular sitaution a few years back and i got my self 2 extra jobs, to pay the mortgage (split up from partner and got left with a mortgage to pay)
1 was at my local bingo call and the 2nd was in a nightclub doing the coats....got me through a sticky year
good luck
Hi Leinya, want to give you a big :grouphugg: and :bestwishes: in your career prospects and finances. My daughter and her boyfriend are jobless, she's pregnant and her boyfriend is struggling to find anything in the building trade at the mo, so there are many, many people who are is the same, difficult situation. Hope your benefits get sorted...please take notes, names and dates of the people you speak to as they seem to have messed my daughter and boyfriend around BIG time, claiming they didn't bring the correct paperwork/ social lost the paperwork etc. etc. they seem to make things as hard as possible, so keep a file and take it with you every time you go. Best of luck in that and your weight-loss.


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hi sorry about how you are feeling have you applied to the social care agencies if thats what you want to do, do you drive, there opportunities coming up for people such as yourself with people getting access to a more personalised care package. If you think you could do this why not put an ad in the paper offering your services as a personal care assistant.:):) just a thought, but this could give some experience and still could possibly go to college

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