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Cold Weather and Hunger

Hello hon - how are you?

Im needing spicier warmer meals (which is a problem with having no micro at work) but not finding im more hungry.


Clean green leafy machine
I definitely feel more hungry when it's cold - sorry Lisa, just sitting down to a big plate of pork belly fried in lemon oil with mushrooms and mayo mmm - and likely to polish the whole lot off! :)


Clean green leafy machine
That does sound lovely - what about taking some hot stock in a thermos and having that too?
I have been eyeing-up that new soup maker advertised on TV. Might treat myself to one for Christmas. Lovely fresh soups mmmm. Warm and tasty and comforting!
I just checked the price.


That is just ridiculous. The soup would choke me ha ha.

Will wait until it is way cheaper, or turns up second-hand.
i know! thats what put me off too lol. you know im going to have to pull my finger out and get making soups. next weekend. someone remind me LOL
I reckon we will be seeing a fair few of these machines turning up in the January sales! And even in the 'unwanted Christmas presents' section of eBay ha ha.

There's a limit to how hungry a person can be for home made soup!

Will just make my own, as Vicky is planning to do, and use my liquidiser. Problem solved! IF I can remember to, that is. The soup maker ad will prompt us!
yes i reckon there will be some on ebay.
problem with soup i i want bread with it. oh yea mims !!right next weeks shopping list broccoli and stilton and cream :D
cream of mushroom too :D
I'm eating more hot meals I must admit. I just don't fancy salads in winter.
not more hungry, but certainly looking for a warm lunch, except at work, where it is so hot all day i am happy to have a salad, so that works out ok!
it's the long dark evenings that are dificult, in the summer i would be out in the garden till the midgies drive me in, but its dark from about half 4 now, so spending more time sitting in front of the fire, have to be strong not to snack too much!


Clean green leafy machine
My slow cooker is coming out of the cupboard now it's cold again - Lisa, share soup recipes?


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