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oh oh!!! that's meeeeeeee!

Thank you...I am making myself known and trying to be good. I am getting old these days. Must tone down my grumpy, opinionated ways. Or something. Perhaps. Ish.

Did this really merit a new thread? Really? REALLY???


Well KD...if you hadn't noticed...you're the only one replying. Which means I have no friends. All my friends be gone!!! You turn your head for a minute...ish...or two years and everyone has gone.

You love me though KD...you made me a pointless, ridiculous, lovely thread that only the 2 of us chat in. You can't deny it. It's here. See. I am typing in it.

Ignore? since when was there such a function! all this technology has got me in a tizzy!


Staff member
Hi Coley,

Welcome back!

It's two years...where does the time go?

Love Mini xxx


Staff member
Awww thank you Coley, you don't look so bad yourself!

Love your new avatar!
Ah, so this is Coley

*sneaks back off*
She was was she? Well, next time I'll abandon her in the dodgy carpark.

Bad lady x
Hahahaha, she was eating fish and chips actually!


See...no low fat food. Bet she was smiling. Give her a WW soup or some low fat branded thingie and that'll get her.

So...er....you were picking her up in this dodgy car park were you? Did you pay her in fish and chips?:D
No, was escoring her off the premises!

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