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Colinic Irrigation


Silver Member
Hi there,
Anyone tried colonic irrigation whilst on the Lipo diet?
I'm on day 3 yippee and getting bored - not hungry at all but it's the actual habit of putting food in your mouth - or even just chewing........... Think I'll just go to bed and hopefully wake up tomorrow with a bit more energy.
SO glad i read this post.

I'm sat here drinking chocolate milkshake with lumps in!

rainbow brite

I definitely had the same feeling about wanting something to chew. Hopefully it goes away as you just get used to not chewing anything, or you could make the shakes into mousse and get to sort-of chew lol. As for colonics on LT, I know nothing on the subject hun, sorry!
It'll be very useful for unclogging!!!


rainbow brite

That's definitely true. My mum got one a few years ago and was upset because she forgot to weigh herself beforehand. She kept saying that she really wanted to know just how full of s**t she was! :rotflmao: She did say that it was absolutely brilliant though.


Full Member
I'm going to give it a try guys and I'll let you know how it goes - not all the details of course - OMG it might just move some more lbs - hubby says sometimes I can be full of s**t* so if he's right then bring it on!

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