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Here I am feeling on top of the world having lost all this weight. I am not far off my original target and people are beginning to notice the weight loss.

Bang Down to earth with a bump as I am having a few problems with my rear end (won't go into details
) and the Doctor has suggested a Colonoscopy. As anyone had one of these and if so what was it like? I am really quite nervous about the whole thing
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is that the thing where they have the pipe thing and flush all the crap out of you? Ive never had it done but seem it on the tv it doesnt look that sore id say more discomfort than anything else. Hope im on about the right thing!
S: 14st6lb C: 13st10lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.95%)
No that is Colonic Irrigation. This is were they stick a long tube with a camera up your backside! Can't say I am looking forward to it :sigh:
No that is Colonic Irrigation. This is were they stick a long tube with a camera up your backside! Can't say I am looking forward to it :sigh:
oops:eek:, maybe they will knock you out for a wee while? I had to have camra down to my tummy once and i was knocked out for a while. came round and it was like nothing happened


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I have had a sigmoidoscopy (3 times) in the past, it's very similar to a colonoscopy. The pain is more like really bad period pain, I just had to pant through it, but it's over within a few minutes. It's not as bad as you might think, honestly! My first one the TV was infront of me and i saw everything, and my bowel was a mess, but it's all sorted now!


I will get to goal .....
Hey melster,

Never had it done, but my advice to you would be to try and not get too worried about it. If you get yourself in a state prior to the procedure you'll be tense by the time it comes round and things will be worse than they need to be. I'm sure you'll be fine, wishing you the best of luck for it hun.
Hi Melstar, My Dad had polyps and had regular colonoscopies to check for more occurring. He was given lactulose 2-3 days before procedure to clear the bowel first and then was sedated for it. I hope that helps a bit but the good thing is that you'll find out whats going on quickly and get better, best of luck to you and take care bb xx


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I had a sigmoidoscopy last year which is very similar. I was dreading it but the fear was much worse than the actual procedure itself.

I had a nurse talking to me all the way through to take my mind off it and I am sure they will do the same for you.

You can watch it on a screen and it is actually quite interesting.

I thought it was uncomfortable more than painful. They pump a little bit of air in and when that happens it can give you abit of a tummy cramp but as soon as the air comes back out the pain goes. You can say if it hurts and they will take some more air out.

It is over pretty quickly and afterwards you get a nice cup of tea and a biscuit! (I was SO hungry as you have to fast beforehand)

It is a really good test and very important to have done if your gp has recommended it.

I promise you it wont be as bad as you imagine.

Good luck xxxx
Hi there, I have 5 yearly colonoscopy's for ulcerative colitis. The worst thing about it is having to drink the laxative preparation they give you the day before. They give you a sedative which dosen't knock you out but you don't remember a thing afterwards. Can honestly say I never felt a thing throught the whole proceedure. Hope this helps


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i am having the procedure done for the first time on 22nd april :sigh:
i wasnt given laxative fluid. i have been given 2 senna tabs and told to take them the night before and 2 glycerin suppositories and have to insert them on the morning (2 hours before)
im dreading the procedure, terrified im going to want the toilet in the middle of it .
not looking forward to the whole finger first examinations either but apparantly it is required for the cameras view :eek: (sorry TMI) i was also told i can eat and drink normally on the morning of the procedure.
the more i talk about it the more scared im getting. :cry:
BUT, ive been putting this off for 9 years now and i cant put it off any longer.
Not having to drink the awful stuff is a bonus as it is honestly the worst part :) Try not to worry about it, I was so relieved last time when they used the sedation method they did as it is so much better than the old method the'd usd 5 years previously. apparently I kept telling them how wonderful they all were through out the thing because I was so relieved it didn't hurt. :) Thats probably the only drawback - being able to talk and do things with no memory after - normally only happens afer a good night out!:)


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I used to work in endoscopy (where they do the colonoscopys) and can honestly say that the worst part is the bowel prep they give to you at home. Had it myself so I can tell you first hand! Don't go far from the loo even at home. Some people really don't make it in time. I was ok, and didn't have any accidents. In hospital they will give you some jungle juice via a canula in your hand. You will be awake, but you won't remember ANYTHING. It can be a little bit uncomfortable, but you won't remember that either. The worst bit is the farting afterwards. Just let it out. Everyone farts. So you are close to the next person, it won't smell cos the bowel is clean, just be a bit noisy. Go with it, no one will recognise you in the street and say ''Hey!! That was the person who kept farting next to me in hospital!!'' Those who hold it in get windy pains. You won't now!


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omg, ur saying im gonna fart in public?. now im mortified.
i might end up being one of the ppl that end up in pain instead.
unless....... maybe....... perhaps....... i could blame the hubby as he will be with me. lol


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S: 13st5lb C: 13st5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
take your dog in. If you don't have one, steal one on the way in! Honestly, it'll be a couple of windy pops, that can be saved up for when OH comes in.

then turn to him and say ''You dirty beast!! You could have done that outside'' or ''Put that dog out, he smells''

Truth is, you'll all be doing it! Unless you are BUPA. Then you can fart in private! LOL!
S: 14st6lb C: 13st10lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.95%)
Thanks everyone. You have really cheered me up. This morning I was really worried about the procedure and now I am laughing about it :D

You are all mad:)
I would just add that I wasn't offered a sedative for mine but it was absolutely fine anyway - i remembered everything and to be quite honest i'm glad that i did as it was so interesting! (perhaps i'm abit of a weirdo!lol):D

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