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Combatting boredom - help!

When I'm at work I'm fine with cravings and emotional hunger but I'm realising that a big trigger for me is boredom eating. At the moment I'm on a tight deadline for the book I'm writing and so am spending every spare moment sat in front of my laptop typing - something I need to do if I'm going to deliver the book by the end of the month (I'm about 40k short at the moment!)

I enjoy writing but as expected there are those moments when I get really bleeding bored of spending all my time thinking and typing. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to combat these thoughts?

Thanks in advance

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I know what you mean , we only over eat because we are board .
Put some music on , feel good . Run a bath . do some hobbies , say soap making , make things for xmas . how about a patch work bedspread that will take a long time !


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im just excercising like mad every spare minute i get when im not looking after the babe!

Sorry not much help hunni, maybe put a favourite CD on while you write - if it doesnt take away your focus.. xx
I might start going for walks when the boredom really strikes, I suppose that's better than sitting on the sofa trying to ignore the little voices in my head.

Some fab suggestions, I knew you would have the answers! xx
I eat out of boredom and I only just realised when I started this diet how bad it was! I really need to get a hobby or something. I've been having a bubble bath or doing my nails when I get bored :) But I only have so many nails I can do! Might have to start painting my boyfriends nails hehe
I read loads and loads and loads! I'm also addicted to greys anatomy so that helps!! Pluck eyebrows, hot bath, pampering etc...things to make u feel good :) x

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