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Coming back to CD, my CDC will be here in 30mins...

Hi Guys,
I am returning to CD tonight, I lost 3 stone, only to put 1 1/2 back on :cry:

but now i am determined to lose the weight, before it was for a family holiday/wedding... now i have no reason other than i was sooo much happier when i was losing the weight :flirt2:

(Plus i have no 'big' clothes left, i got rid of them all :flirt2:)

So, tonights the night, and its quite exciting :D:D
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One day at a time!
Well done for making the decision to come back - good luck with it:)
Well done for making the decision to get back on it. You did really well before and at least you did not put it all back on. You'll soon have it gone :)
Hi Girls,
Thanks for the kind words :D
I am sooo going to do it properly this time, and most importantly follow the stages thru to maintenance :flirt2:

I remember when i first started and i read threads about people who were 'CD Returners' and i couldnt belive people would lose the weight and be mad enough to put it back on :cry:i was a bit smug and thought not me :cry::wave_cry:

But here i am, back again, but this time i am determined to use CD as the tool it is, i need to sort out my choc addiction at the same time, and with the fab advice on here and all you guys, i am sure its a challenge i can beat :D;)

Feel so much better already.... now wheres that water gone ???
Welcome back hun and good luck losing every week xx
Welcome back. Unfortunately I too have a history of losing a load of weight and putting it back on again. This time we really do need to promise ourselves that it is the last diet.
Good Luck!
Hiya ,

I restart on monday too ... like you i had cd success and put the weight back on ( i put even more on ) ;-(....but the main thing we need to realise is that we came back , we are now re taking control of our lives and we will be more determined than ever not to go down this road again xxx
good luck x
Hello, I am starting again tomorrow, i like you lost lots of weight (4 Stone) and have put on nearly a stone again. So, finaly accepted i should do this properly so will be joining you tomorrow, hope today has gone well for you and will be thinking of you as i tuck into my soups, shakes and loads of water. Also for me, this time the only reason i want to do this is for me, as i felt so much better slimmer, and not because i had something coming up, so hopefully i am doing it for the right reasons this time.
:family2:good luck both of you restarters..you have done it before you know you can do it! go for it!
good luck both of you restarters..you have done it before you know you can do it! go for it!
Good luck with the restart x

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