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Coming back!!!!!

Hi everyone,

I have been to ww in the past and lost 2 and always lost weight. Over last 3 years 2 stone has crept on and i decided to try slimming world, been going since january and lost 1 st and 2lb but now put 8lb back on. I stick to it but dont seem to lose any weight and am covered in spots which i have never had in my life!!! Think I will come back to ww, how is the new plan - is there anywhere on this site that explains it? The class I will be joining isnt til next wednesday and i wanted to have a little go this week. I have stuck to slimming world diet religiosly this week, got weighed before and put 1lb on - I feel like crying!!!
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This post below written by kagome75 I found very helpful in explaining how the new ProPoints plan works.

Introducing the new Pro-points plan

Introducing the new Pro-points plan As you all know, Weight Watchers has changed from today, the 7th of November 2010. This is the biggest change Weight Watchers had in 15 years, since the old points were introduced.

Reasons behind the change:
Seems that Weight Watchers consider themselves as the leader company in weight loss. The points system has been "avant-guarde" for years, allowing WW users to eat out and still have control of their diet and allowing anyone to still have the food they liked but keep on losing weight.

Why changing then?
Well... first of all, in 15 years science has moved forward. Researchers have found out much more about how our body breaks down the food we eat. For example, looking at 2 food with the same number of calories, it has been found out that your body consumes more when it breaks down proteins than when it breaks down carbs. Besides, carbs are broken down in glucides (sugars) which are released as energy immediately and increase your insuline level. If you don't use that energy, your body will much quickly store that energy as fat, because of the higher insuline level in your blood. Therefore, the new propoints will have lower values in food with a lot of proteins than in foods with a lot of carbs. WW still allows you to eat carbs though, no food is off limits with the new system exactly like with the old one!

So... now that this is clear, researchers have also seen that when people eat fruit, the energy contained in fruit's carbs is released at a slower rate. So eating a banana is not like eating a chocolate bar, even if it's the same number of calories and saturated fat. Hence, to help you feeling fuller for longer, the WW dieticians have incorporated the normal amount of fruit and vegs people usually have in a day within your propoints daily allowance. This means that now ALL fruit will be 0 points, and most vegetables also (except things like corn, beans, peas and things like that).

Now, there is a news about how your points are divided during the week. With the Discover plan, you would have had a daily allowance, let's say 18 points, and you could have saved up to 4 points per day to use when you felt like you needed. In the new plan, the minimum propoints allowance you can have is 29 propoints. You CANNOT (and I underline and stress out, CANNOT!!!!)save points out of your daily allowance and use them later in the week. You SHOULD use all of your daily points allowance every day. That is to ensure that all the right nutritions are taken during the day, that you take the right amount of carbs, proteins, fat and fibre for your body to function. This means that if you don't use them, you LOSE them. On the top of your daily allowance however, to give you flexibility, you have 49 extra propoints you can have during the week. You can use them or not, but you can't carry them forward to following weeks.

* How can I lose weight if I have more points?
You will see that you DO NOT have more points. The way the propoints are calculated means that there's no half points any more. So something that could have been 2.5 would now be 3 and there's nothing that is 0.5 point anymore or things like that, including the WW fruities (now 1 propoint per box). Because of all this "rounding up" you will see that the amount of food you can actually eat with the 29 propoints is less than what you could have eaten with your points previously

* I understand that, but if I also have the extra weekly points, how am I going to lose weight?
The 29 points that you have per day are the MINIMUM your body can't live without. In the Discover plan, you were allowed to save 4 points per day. So let's say you were on 18 points, you could have had 6 days at 14 points and 1 day at 46 points and still manage to lose weight, right? If we hence compare the old plan to the new one, it's as if WW was telling you with Discover: "you have a budget of 14 points per day, but then you have a weekly allowance of 28 points that you can have when you feel a treat".

* So how do the two diets compare? I'm fearing that if I can have free fruit I will be eating more!
Ok, let's give an example. This is what I would have had when I was still dieting with WW and not maintaining, for 14 points:

breakfast (3.5 old points, 7 new points):
30g Ready break porridge 1.5 old points, 3 propoints
100ml skimmed milk, 0.5 old points, 1 propoints
1 yogurt activia 0.1%, 1 old points, 2 propoints
1 small glass orange juice, 0.5 old points, 1 propoints

lunch (4 old points, 11 propoints):
2 slices of small hovis bread 1.5 old points 3 propoints
30g philadelphia extra light 0.5 old points, 1 propoints
2 small slices of cooked ham 0.5 old points, 1 propoints
300g cherry tomatoes 0 old points, 0 propoints
1 can of free 7up, 0 old points, 0 propoints
1 plantain, cooked and mashed, 1.5 old points 6 propoints

dinner (6.5 old points, 10 propoints):
300g cherry tomatoes 0 old points 0 propoints
1 chicken breast medium, no skin 2.5 old points, 4 propoints
300g mixed vegetables 0 old points 0 propoints
1 ww double chocolate brownie 3 old points 5 propoints
1 tsp olive oil, 1 old points 1 propoints

1 bag WW fruities 0.5 old points, 1 propoints

This menu comes out to be 14.5 old points and 29 propoints. I remind you that the minimum on the old diet for people who were 8 stone or less was 16 points, with the possibility to get down to 14 if they wanted to save max 2 points per day. That showed, it is easy to understand that the two plans are very similar and compare really well. I show you that menu because that was me in survival mode, when I had a large meal the day before and wanted to save points. With that menu I would go to bed feeling a bit ravenous. Now I wouldn't need to feel that way any more!

Now on your meeting this week you WILL NEED to stay to the pep talk. Your leader will tell you how many propoints you can have a day. The amount of points for the weekly allowance is always the same, 49. She will give you new material, including a wheel that works out how many propoints are in food.

* Isn't it complicated having to take into account all these new variables, proteins, carbs, fibres, fat? I can't waste a lot of time counting!
It might look complicated but it's less so than you think. Besides, there's a little trick if you want to just grab something on the go and not have any surprises: look at the calories of the food and divide that by 40. Round from .1 to .49 to the previous figure and from .50 to .99 to the following one. For example, a pot of Activia yogurt fat free, 70 calories. That with the old plan would have been 1 point (because of the 0 sat fat). If you do 70/40 you get 1.75, so you have 2 propoints. Check on your list and you'll see it's correct. There *IS* room for error, but you can always check it at home and adjust your allowance in case you're a bit wrong.

As a rule of thumb, all cereals seem to be 1 propoint every 10 grams, no exclusions. All "diet" cereal bars, including Alpen light and Weetabix (which were 1 point in the previous plan against the 1.5 of Kellogg's and etc) are now 2 propoints, except the ones that are filled with jam or coated with yogurt (pp values are various here), or the Weight Watchers Oaty bars (3 pp).

Change is good guys. Follow the new plan and you will feel fuller for longer and still lose weight.

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Hello, the new plan is pretty much as simple as the old one just the points system has changed. You will need to go to your meeting so they can work out how many points you're allowed. The points aren't worth as much this time around so you get more. (i used to be on 18, now it's 29) but you get a weekly allowance too of 49pts if you fancy a night out or a take-away or something but you don't have to use them.
Go and buy a calculator and an eat out book from your meeting thats really all you need. you could also invest in a ww pedometer because you can earn extra point for the activity you do. Good luck this time around you can do it :D xxx
S: 11st9.3lb C: 9st5lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 2st4.3lb(19.78%)
Na it won't. it's a bit crappy they've changed it, you hav to spend the money all over again. good investment though!! xx
thanks very much nemesis. I am going to try this week as the class is not til next wednesday, although I have just found one on saturday but it means dragging my 7 year old son with me lol!! I may go t that one and tell him to bring his ds - I cant wait to start now!!!:)


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Thats great motivation!! Im sure your son will cope but either way, you have the basics for just now :)

Just remember theres always someone on here who can offer advice or answer any question. No question is a bad one either :)

Best of luck!

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