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coming off LT for now


Getting thinner everyday!
Hello Folks

Over the last few weeks I'd found that my weight loss had dropped off to around 1 to 1.5lbs per week and that every minute was a real struggle resulting in a few slips which is completely out of character for me. I couldn't understand why I was finding it so hard and why I was losing so little when for the past 6 months, I've stuck to it like glue and although had episodes of difficulty, on the whole found it managable. I now know why I've struggled so much over the past few weeks. I am unexpectedly expecting :D so have now come off LT.

I went on LT after I hadn't managed to lose my pregnancy weight from 2006.

I have spoken to my pharmacist and will probably go back on LT after my baby is born to lose the pregnancy weight again!! But hopefully this time, i'll have less to lose as I am starting off lighter than I did before and I am planning ( optimisticly) to not put on so much this time.

Thanks to you all for helping to keep me on the straight and narrow during the last few months. Good luck to you all. You can achieve what you set out to do. I did (well give or take a pound or two!!).

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Hellie Eds

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First of all congratulations Alex on your news. Like you said no wonder you were finding things harder to shift. Bless. You have already achieved so much with your weight loss. And this time round you will probably be more aware of hard it is to get rid of the post baby weight that it may keep you eating healthier. Good Luck for everything. xxxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Congratulations Alex...isnt that wonderful news :) Yes, no wonder you were finding it a bit hard to lose the weight.

Hope all goes well for you :)

Take care


A little of everything!
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OMG!! Congratulations!!

And I'm off to buy a pg test....just in case it's the reason for my cr*p losses too! LOL!
Congratulations Alex!!! There must be something in the water(or shakes for that matter) all these LT babies.

You have done amazingly well with your weight loss.


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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope that you will be able to maintain a healthy diet throughout the 9 months so that you will only have a small amount to shift at the end. Wishing you a safe delivery and, of course a healthy bubba!!!


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LOL irish!

Congratulations Hoolie :) x


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Ooooh, Congrats..

Now to maintain your amazing loss through pregnancy... well at least the good weather is encouragement for healthy salads etc and soups andd green veggies when it cools down. Loads of natural folic acid, vitamins and iron boosting fruit... Enjoy!


I will be skinny again!!!
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They do say LT makes your more fertile!!! :D lol

Im so happy for you chick xxxxx
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congratulations and best of luck xxx


Getting thinner everyday!
Thank you all you good folk.

I think LT does make you more fertile, so watch out everyone :D



Positivity is the key
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Hi Alex,
congratulations on your good news, it obviously came as a shock, but loved all the same eh!
What a fabulous weight loss you have had on this, hope you manage to mind yourself whilst pregnant and take it easy in these early days.
Best of luck.


Here we go again!
Congratulations Alex, that's fantastic news.

Anyone wanting to conceive should give LT a go, there's so many babies expected now!


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Congratualtions Alex that's fantastic news xxx

I don't know about being more fertile while on LT, perhaps its just because we feel so much better about ourselves, that we want to get intimate much more lol x


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Congratulations - great reason to come off LT :) hope all goes well for you.

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