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Coming to Atkins for a week or two


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I failed miserably the past 2 weeks on the Exante diet and am feeling really depressed/deprived of food, end up binging, and ultimately not losing weight (1lbs in the past 2 weeks).

So, i'm taking some time out from Exante and will be doing Atkins because it allows me to eat reasonable amounts of food, and the kinds of food that i really enjoy (ie meat!).

I am new to Atkins, but have done low-carb before, i was on the Dukan Diet before for a few months and lost some good weight on it (then put it all back on). I found Dukan hard because of the lack of any allowed fat at all, i feel Atkins is much more suitable for me and will allow me to enjoy my meals much more and allows me to eat a wider range of meats too (i'm especially looking forward to a nice roast chicken with the golden crispy skin on!).

So, here i am. I don't know for how long at this stage as i'm going through a real "i don't know what the hell i'm doing but i have to do something because i'm so fat" stage right now and i'm sick of failing constantly. Each time i fail i usually gain all the lost weight + lots more. At least this time i'm jumping to a new diet right away rather than hanging around waiting to gain the weight again.

Will be interesting to see how it goes after coming off Exante. I'm not expecting to have a huge loss my first Atkins week because i'm already in ketosis from the past diet (well, borderline ketosis or slightly out of ketosis now after the mcdonalds i cheated with yesterday) and i'll probably put a couple of pounds on just by having food in my guts again... still it would be cool if i could see a couple of pounds by weigh in next Saturday. Here goes...
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Morning losingit! And Welcome :)
It's so hard to stick to a diet like Exante if your head and heart are just not in that particular place! And the moment you are feeling deprived, that's the moment it all becomes too much I reckon.
It sounds as though you're making the right choice by chosing Atkins - you can still be in ketosis so burning fat, but you can eat delicious food and not have to feel deprived. Works for me!
You could always think of it as a change of eating habits as opposed to a diet - as Garfield said 'Diet is Die with a T' - I don't know about you, but it makes me feel less pressured that way :D


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Morning and welcome:D

I agree that you might want to consider atkins as a way of eating/life change rather than a diet - less pressure, much easier to lose and then hopefully maintain. I spent years avoiding diets because i just cant be hungry plus i knew they didnt work. Now i am losing, feel fab and dont feel deprived even when those around me stuff there face with chips and sugar - their problem not mine;)


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Aww, I think just about everyone one of us know exactly how you've been feeling. I came back to Atkins on the day I had decided to started Lipotrim but when it came to going out the door to get the stuff (done it before so knew exactly what I'd be in for) I just knew in my gut that I wasn't going to do it. It was like I'd hit a wall and in that instant I knew I couldn't take another fail. My confidence has been in shreds and I have felt so weak and pathetic that I just couldn't manage to sort myself out - I knew that by starting Lipotrim I would only fail - even if I lost the weight I knew I'd have cheated my way there with atkinsy meals along the way. So where would be the victory? My mind would still be set on 'cheat and eat'.

So all this rambling to say, I understand how you feel, and welcome to Atkins. I am loving it, it works! Your appetite decreases majorly and you see results! I won't deny that I still get sweety cravings but it takes a while for the mind to catch up with the body. Get going woman and make yourself feel better! Only you can do it!

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