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Comments from others - Struggling


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Hi All,

I've been in hiding for a while. I've been crawling along and only lost 7lbs in the last month :sigh:

I am finding that the closer I am getting to finishing the harder it is getting. I am getting non-stop comments from friends, family and colleagues about how it is surely time I stopped and that I am fine now. I'm not, I have just less than 2 stones to go and every time I tell them that they just tell me I am being daft and developing a problem.

I think they think they are being nice but in actual fact they are really getting me down.

How can I convince them that I don't have a problem and I really do need to lose these last 26lbs?

Sorry to be so miserable but for some reason I have really slumped, I'm feeling the 'anti-socialness' of this diet for the first time ever and although I know I have about 8wks left I don't know if I can bear them, any words of wisdom or advice? :break_diet:


Miss P
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hey hun,

looking at your ticker, you only have 1.6 BMI to lose til you are at a healthy weight (BMI 25), so I would say why not aim to get down to that rather than 21.7? For some people being a bmi that low isnt natural and that may be why your loss is slowing down- its your body's way of telling you it doesn't have much more it can lose... thats a good thing!!!

21.7 is about the same distance away from being underweight as you are from being a healthy weight, so I reckon if you do wanna aim lower than 25, go for something more like 22.5. Did you realise you can't stay on SS if you reach BMI 25?

Anyway, sorry your friends are giving you a hard time, it doesn't help! They are probably a bit like my family and worried that you will go the other way and instead of overeating like before, that you will not eat enough and end up making yourself ill- if you look at it from their perspective its only cos they care. Although I know that doesn't make it any easier.

This is far too long as it is, but let me finish by saying, do what is HEALTHY for you, don't set yourself a weight because you wish you were like (whoever it is u know who is that weight who u wish u looked like)- lets face it, we all know someone who we wish we could be the same size as, but it may not be natural for us to be that small!!

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wow - miss P!
look how far you have come!?!?!
i dont know how many weeks / months you have been on CD for - but yes you can bear the last 8!!
it is bound to get hard - i'm only in my 8th week - so I'm no authority on this, and even though i feel almost evangelical about this diet - i know its going to get hard towards the final stages - and i fully expect to hear those words from people around me..

But if they had said that to you when you had 4 stone to lose - would you have listened to them then?

if they said that to you when you began the diet - would you have listened to them then??

You are obviously doing this for yourself, nobody else - look at your ticker - look how far you've come!!

the beauty with CD is that you always have the option to go up a step or two - so if your still on SS - then deep down inside you is the drive to continue at that level.

sometimes - especially when i'm missing out on 'social' occasions it gets me down - but i have to remember how i felt before in the social occasions - i was never really happy in the moment - so whenever it gets hard - i think long and hard about that, i think about how fast the time is flying by, and how fast the fat is melting away - and in a few months time i will be back out on the social scene - but happier in life, in the moment and with myself.

i did make notes about how i felt before i began - to remind myself of the reality of my situation, to prepare myself for tough times - its easy to forget during a journey where you started from. that has helped me loads - i try to always focus on the bigger picture, the odd moments are just details - but their not the whole story.
plus i've amazed myself with how strong i've realised i am - to have coped with things for so long, then decide to change them.
only last night a friend kept saying to me, i dont know how you can not eat, how can you do this, i couldn't do this, i love my food etc.. etc.. etc..
but the fact is that if she had spent maybe a month in my skin - then maybe she would understand how i can do this.

rememeber what drove you to do this in the first place.

stay strong - i hope you stick with it.

i dont know if any of my rambling will help you, but i wish you all the luck in the world on the final part of your journey - i cant wait to see my ticker showing such a grand weight loss!!


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