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I've just realised I am compensating my food for fags. The amount I have smoked in the last 9 days is disgraceful to the point I have noticed a yellow patch on my fingers. Yuk yuk yuk.

I feel disgusted with myself, but not sure what I'm gonna do about it. She says, whilst having a fag and thinking about it. Grrrrrrr
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I know this might sound impossible to do, but....... I stopped smoking using the chewing gum. You could chew that and lose weight and stop smoking at the same time. Having the chewing gum is as big a buzz as having a cigarette!! It took me about 6 months to stop having the chewing gum. I havent had a cigarette for two years now.
Lynne x


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i know exactly what you mean thats exactly what i was doing i was smoking more than 20 a day so i decided to stop got patches and on day 2 now with no cigarettes thinking of food more but just keep drinking more water and going to the loo lol i keep thinking of all the money i'm saving so i can buy myself some new clothes hehe