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I did weight watchers for around a year and a half but have really not done anything for aropund a year now. I did well on weight watchers but have tried to do it again and have found that for whatever reason it's not happening. My doctor has suggested I try slimming world which I intend to do starting on Sunday. I have my first class on August 4th but I wanted to start before that. I just wondered if anyone has any hints, tips, stories, motivational words for me before I start? Is it any good? Has anyone gone from weight watchers to slimming world and found it better/worse? Any suppoert and information appreciated!!
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Mrs V

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...almost 9 stone down....need I say any more?? :)

SW is a fantastic plan that is so adaptable for family life as well. As long as you can plan ahead there is no reason why you should struggle.
This forum is great for advice and tips, I would suggest that you have a look around and read the other threads.

Good luck!



Always comes back to MMs!
Just take a look at some of the losses/stats of people on this forum - that should give you all the motivation you need.

We are all different shapes and sizes, a lot of us failed dieters from a multitude of other plans and clubs, but we all have one thing in common - we know that SW works.

Good luck and keep us posted! xxxx
Slimming world is excellent - IMHO it has taught me how to eat like an average "healthy" person would rather than starving / bingeing. Again, in my opinon I think it is easier than a points system just because I can base my meals around free foods and just add extras and treats later.
Loads of luck x
:welcome: This is a fantastic forum for support, recipes and ideas...I'm so glad I found this forum...but be aware, it's addictive! LOL

I :heartpump: SW!! I've been doing it for 7 weeks now and have never felt hungry, I've had "bad" things but because of the flexi-syns and optimising they're not really bad ;) so I've never felt like I'm missing out which in the past has led me to cheat and then eventually give up on other diets.

To me SW is not a diet, it's a change in your lifestyle and the end result will be a healthier, slimmer you!

Give it a go and enjoy it! Don't look on it as a chore and my really best bit of advice is PLAN! If you can plan your week ahead for your meals etc. you'll find it a lot easier to follow!

Good luck!


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I love SW, this time last year I weighed 13 stone, just tipping into the obese BMI category. It was a big shock - I was horrified at the way I'd just let myself get bigger and bigger over the years.

I'm currently 3lbs away from my target at the moment. It's not been a smooth ride all the way, I've had a few hiccups and off weeks, but on the whole it's been easy to stick to. When on plan I've never felt deprived as most of the things I ate before just needed tweaking slightly to fit in with the SW 'rules' and treats are easy to incorporate into the plan. My OH pretty much eats what I eat and hasn't complained, he loves the SW version of lasagne compared to the one we used to make with jar sauces (bleugh!) and SW chips. I do SW from home and this forum is an absolute lifesaver!

Try it for a few weeks and see how you get on. Good luck!

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