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Completely off topic - self indulgent friends


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My best friend. I love her to bits, we've been there for each other through think and thin. However, if there are times when we're both having a crisis at the same time, she has absolutely no consideration for me. At the moment, my friend and I are both in the middle of moving house. Her sale is going through really quickly, her buyer wants it done ASAP, whereas the people she's buying from aren't in so much of a rush. We're also buying, and in a similar situation, however our buyer isn't as pushy as hers is. Obviously on top of all this, I've had my 'health issues' and various procedures and hospital visits and admissions over the last few weeks, that last one being yesterday, which she knew about, however, not once has she asked me how it went. I've just hinted at it in conversation, and i may as well have not said anything at all. I feel quite hurt by it to be honest. I really can't understand how somone so close can be so blinkered? Or am I expecting too much?
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Some people are like that hun! My mate is one of those people when her fella doesnt call her its the end of the world yet if me and my fella have a proper bust up im being 'silly' xx
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I think its only natural to expect a litter thought and simpathy from a friend! It is hard though, I'm sure she meant to ask how things went,but some people just get very engrossed in their own stuff!


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its not too much to expect some sympathy, she doesnt seem to have very much consideration for the rough time ur having at the mo.
aww (((hugs)))) ruth, some people get so caught up in themselves. I have a friend and i have had a lot of hosp appoitments with dd and never once been asked how she doing etc so i just dont bother saying anything. It wudnt hurt if she asked how you were

becky xx


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Thats what I mean. it would be nice to be asked how I am, instead of it being the other way around.
i call them meme friends, the world starts n stops with them , we all know people like that, i tend to not bother with mine unless i feel like it ,sick of putting them first , when you are not even on their list !xxxxx


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Sending good friendly thoughts to you. I've got one of those friends too. Sometimes i just want to say 'enough of you, what about everyone else here' but to be honest i still think she would miss the point and she would end up being hurt knowing thats how some of her friends feel.


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Thanks everyone, glad to know it's not just me then!
Ah Ruth, thats the pits, (((hugs))) I know what is like to feel like you are the one doing all the running in a relationship.

Try not to let it get you down, you are going through enough at the moment you dont need this on top of it. I'm sure you both value your friendship, and she is just being absent minded.


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