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Completley freeking out before weigh in :(

Its weight in day and I just really, really don't feel as though I've lost any weight. I know it may sound stupid but its driving me mad especially since I just had all day to myself. Just had a mars and now I feel really stupid and just don't want to go to weigh in. Sorry if it sounds stupid but I've got myself all worked up over nothing :/
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First of all, have you stuck to plan this week? Or have you been off plan? There must be a reason why you feel like you have not lost any weight. You may not look, or feel as though you have lost any weight, but this does not mean that you haven't - how will you know unless you go to weigh in?

Weighing in once a week is all part of the plan. Without weighing in weekly, you are not truly sticking to the plan. Besides, what is not weighing in going to acheive? It won't change this weeks result, whether you weigh in or not.

Also, there is no problem with having a Mars bar - aslong as you Syn it. Have you Synned it? The plan is structured for us to be able to fit in little treats like a mars bar here and there. On the other hand, comfort eating because you 'feel' like you haven't lost any weight is not the way to go. If you carry on that way, I'm pretty sure you won't lose any weight.

Stop being silly, keep following the plan, and go to class. You will soon reap the rewards.


Always trying!
I think a lot of people will be able to relate to feeling like this, i know I have. In the past I have put myself in a right mood on a Friday night (my WI is a saturday morning). My hubby asked what was wrong and I told him and he laughed at me (in a nice way!). I think the only reason that I let myself get that way is because i wanted to lose the weight so much!

Go to your WI, you will probably be surprised!
I feel exactly the same. Ive got my weigh in tonight. I have stuck to plan but probably not eaten as many superfree as i should have due to money issues at home at the moment but ive done my best. I have exercised 4 days this week in the gym for 30 mins a go so i really really hope ive lost something- just dont feel like i have and had a cheeky look at scales and shows nothing- i know im not meant to weigh myself mid between weigh ins esp at home but i couldnt help myself. Im just hoping that the hair cut i had last night might have shaved off a few lbs ;-) hahaha, if only, i would voluntary go bald if this was the case!
Very nervous for weigh in tonight which is at 7pm, so fingers crossed....... :-S
Good luck with your weigh in tonight too- let us know how you get on.

Put on 1.5 lbs :-( I have exercised more than usual but u think I need to up my water for deffo. Starting food diary again tomo to try and help
If I'm honest I didn't count my syns this week. :-s oooops. I'm currently planning all meals at the moment to start a fresh!

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