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Compliments thread!

Put your positive strokes in here!

I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere, but we're changing fast and people are making all sorts of comments! I'm finding it hard to deal with (limelight and all) but am trying not to bat them away. If I can't enjoy them in the moment because I feel too self-conscious, I can store them somewhere so I can look at them later and feel good about them.

Join me! Who's said nice things about you today? :p

[PS: please do put your compliments in here otherwise I'm going to look like such an unbelievably big-headed ninny.... :-/ ]
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On my journey so far...

  • "I'm amazed at your stamina, well done!"
  • "Not everyone can decide to change their lives and actually do it. It takes a special sort of strength."
  • "Check you out in your skinny jeans!"
  • "You've lost weight all over, you look totally different - well done!"
  • "I'm so impressed by you. I don't think I could do it."
  • "You're becoming such a skinny minnie!" (my bezzie mate)
Daughter said i looked different....she didn't know i was on a diet. Said my hair was shiny and skin looked good:D

Future father in law said i was looking very well... he doesn't know i am dieting either so made me smile:)
-your transformation from black wearing, shy frump to sexy goddess has been a pleasure and an inspiration to watch (a text I have saved!)
-wow, look how TINY your waist is
-your will power is incredible
-You look ten years younger and you've done it all yourself
-I'm incredibly proud of you and your Dad would be too (from my Mum who has never told me she's proud of anything I've done-made me cry)
-I'm so jealous you can go in any shop and fit into anything you want (not necessarily true but it's nice for someone to think it about me lol)
A shop assistant in oasis who told me i would need a size 6 or 8 dress ( I guess she didn't know it was a compliment, but made my year!)

when people descibe me as 'tiny' ( i still don't see it myself!)

my kids when they saw some pics of a holiday from 2 years ago and said - 'gosh you were so fat mum!' (again not really a compliment as such - and actually i didn't think i looked that fat, but hey ho, still made me smile)

when my LLC saw my before pictures the other day as they fell out of my book - she showed her son and he was amazed, it felt great

when people in the maintenece groups i don't know say things like ' i can't imagine you big' etc

still waiting for a lot of family/friends to say nice stuff. i don't take compliments well tho so they are probably scared to say anything, lol!

daisy x
Yay! What excellent compliments we're all getting! AND we all DESERVE them! AND we'll only get more and more. We should all be v proud :)

still waiting for a lot of family/friends to say nice stuff. i don't take compliments well tho so they are probably scared to say anything, lol!
It's not just us Daisy. About a year ago i told my (skinny) best mate she looked really pretty that day, and her first reaction was to tell me to f*** off! She couldn't stop apologising and we were both a bit shocked that that was the first thing to pop into her head!

Well done all o' yer :)
A colleague said I was the inspiration that made him realise he could lose 7 stone.
When he said he hadn't eaten anything for 2 weeks last summer and was feeling sorry for himself and was a bout to give up. I said "I haven't eaten anything since February". He said that made him decided to continue. He has achieved his goal now.


Happy in my own skin
1. Read this in the comments in my photo album about an hour ago..."Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous", made me smile...:)
2. My son said to me "When did you become so tiny", he thinks that I've shrunk in height as well as weight. The truth is I have a foot problem and have been wearing flats for a few weeks and he is used to seeing me in 5 inch heels...:)
3. I spent the afternoon with a friend who as well as complimenting me on how I look said I'm also a gorgeous person inside....and that means more to me somehow.

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