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Thought it might be nice to focus on the positive! I've been getting some really nice compliments recently since more and more people are noticing my weight loss and I wondered if others had this too? and what have been some of the nicest things people have said to you?
I've been called Slim Jim, the incredible shrinking woman, told I look fantastic...amongst other lovely comments....all in the last week! One of the nicest things is my son who was always blatantly blunt about me being fat now says things like you USED to be fat etc :)
Would love to hear what others are enjoying being said to them and help spur us all on further as although its hard its worth it and compliments are one of the things that make it wothwhile maybe?
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How lovely Emsie! I bet all the compliments make you feel on cloud 9 and more determined than ever to get to target!

DH said to me the other day that I was tiny and he picked me up and twirled me around! :D He's 6 foot 4 so quite a bit taller than me but I'm 5 foot 7 so not exactly petite. It felt wonderful to be handled like I weighed no more than a feather. *Blush*

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OH said to me yesterday as I was proudly strutting my stuff in the Tesco changing rooms having tried on and fitted into a pair of 14 trousers that I was looking taller and slimmer and all over lovely!!! My hairdresser also said to me on Friday that I was looking fab and repeated it again to OH yesterday when he went in! Parents keep saying how proud of me they are for sticking at it and looking so good! xxx


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My 4 year old told me I was getting younger!! That really made me happy!! I don't know if it is because I have a lot more energy, or she is confused about what it means, but either way I'll take that sort of compliment all day long lol!!!


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My 7 year old daughter used to vigorously deny that I was fat whenever I asked her, and always tell me I looked slim ;)

Now she is happy to prod me in the belly and tell me to stick to the plan to get rid of it :D

I like to think this is a kind of back-handed compliment that now I am not so enormous, she feels she can be honest without hurting my feelings. It's also maybe a sign that she is no longer as embarrassed at my size as she used to be...


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Going shopping and getting an ice cream for the kids and my 4 year old son asking "mom aren't you going to have any?" my response- "No", his response "but you're okay now you don't need to diet" :)

Also walking into a party this weekend and everyone with open mouths when they saw me...it said it all!


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i love reading these, it's so lovely! I've had lots of compliments too and it's so nice. being totally british though i never know how to take a compliment and just go 'oh i have so far still to go' haha!


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Not yet, its way too soon for me yet to be having any compliments. But I look forward to them with baited breath:)


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Going shopping and getting an ice cream for the kids and my 4 year old son asking "mom aren't you going to have any?" my response- "No", his response "but you're okay now you don't need to diet" :)
Awwww, that is so cute!!!!

I will never get tired of people telling me how good I look :) Although I don't expect it to ast forever! My favourite is being called a skinny *****. i usually get people to repeat that one :D

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