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  1. MorbidBubblewrap

    MorbidBubblewrap Is thinking positive!

    I am getting lots of compliments every where I go :D Not a complaint I love it :p A taxi driver gave me his number this morning, That's the 3rd taxi driver to give me there number in about 6 weeks, They would have not looked twice at me when I was 26 stones...So good to get compliments instead of the name calling I use to get for being so big, Bring on more compliments I can get use to this :D

    Keep up the good work everyone :)
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  3. summergurl

    summergurl ‚ô•3 Years Maintaining‚ô•

    *wolf whistles* you sexy thang!!!!

    get you getting taxi drivers numbers ;)

    i bet you feel on top of the world!!!
    Faulous chick :D
  4. mrs bee

    mrs bee doesn't like the rain!

    Well done, lap them up, you deserve them!!
  5. matronix

    matronix Full Member

    Absolutely agree with previous comments. You take all the compliments you get you most certainly deserve them. :D:D:D
  6. MorbidBubblewrap

    MorbidBubblewrap Is thinking positive!

    At first I was getting quite down about the compliments daft hey? Just that I was not use to having them as all the comments use to be negative ones, But bring em on I say :D Thanks everyone (Hugs you all) :)
  7. MummyEm

    MummyEm Slowly but surely!

    You lap it up hun you so deserve it :) Someone had to double take it was me a few days ago they havent seen me since I was 3 stone heavier, it was so nice lol
  8. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Enjoy them Laura, many more to come, you are doing fantastic.
  9. fragglerock64

    fragglerock64 Silver Member

    well done you its been a long journey for you so take it you deserveit how much further have you to go
  10. Lou

    Lou Silver Member

    So not only do you lose weight and get the pleasure of going buying new clothes in sizes that you never dreamed you'd ever where but you also get blokes chatting you up and giving you their telephone number!!! Bring it on, I love this diet. :happy036:

    Well done Laura, you enjoy those compliments you deserve them
  11. Elle-Emm

    Elle-Emm Gold Member

    You really deserve the compliments, you're doing a great job :)


    You must be feeling on top of the world! Losing just 1 stone has already made me a lot more cheerful and confident in myself, thanks to LT, so its not only your weight that changes. I tell all my friends about your amazing achievement, Laura, you have every right to be proud of yourself. I bet your G.P. is very pleased with you too!
  13. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    Yay, go u! What i wanna know is have you rang any of the guys? Apologies if you already have an OH...:eek:

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