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Composition of snacks

went throught the forum and compiled all the allowable snacks!!

Piece of allowed fruit (small apple, orange, plum)
- Strawberries and a little cream (can only have cream occasionally)
- 2 slice of ham or any meat & loads of salad
- 50g tuna in brine & loads of salad
- 30g cheddar cheese with some pickled onions & loads of salad

½ cup berries – strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries etc.


½ medium apple and 6 raw almonds

Celery sticks with 30g cottage cheese

Fruit salad (from allowable fruits) and 1 dessert spoon of cream or 3 dessert spoons of natural yoghurt

Two carrots sticks and 1 slice of tasty cheese

Small tin of tuna, dessert spoon of mayonnaise, spring onions and shredded lettuce – all mixed up together

Grilled asparagus with lemon juice

½ grilled tomato with a slice of cheese

Slice up half a green or red capsicum into thick pieces and top each slice with tuna and a little cottage cheese.

More desserts - Frozen berries put in blender and mix with yogurt or diet jelly

Frozen Berry Delighted Yoghurt - 1/2 Cup mixed berries puree, 500gram low fat yoghurt mix together (if you like it sweet add some dissolved Sugarine to taste) and then freeze into ice cubes and take them out as you need them for a yummy treat which you can even add to your shakes for a smoothie.

A small, creamy salad
Spinach, 1 x tablespoon of Greek, natural yoghurt, pepper and some light ham.

like a handful of mixed lettuce leaves, 6 whole walnuts broken and 1/2 firm pear sliced thinly with a drizzle of allowed dressing if wanted,( I like a teaspoon of lemon infused oliove oil oil over mine... )

or...... stuff 6 button mushrooms with lite cottage or ricota cheese, chopped continental flatleaf parsley, a drizzle of lemon infused olive oil just to mix together, (about 1 good teaspoon) and bake in oven for 10-15 mins...

large portobello mushrooms upturned on the oven tray, then beat an egg with garlic salt and pepper and some of my cheese allowance grated. pour the egg mixture between the two mushrooms (so the mushrooms act like little bowls), and bake in the oven until the mushrooms are cooked and the egg is set like an omlette. (15-18 mins). Gorgeous snack!

Half an apple sliced up + 30g SWEET CHILLI cottage cheese for dippin = Party in your mouth.

Half an apple sliced up + 30g SWEET CHILLI cottage cheese for dippin = Party in your mouth.

fridge radiers- now these are yummy

nestle creme caramel
diet jelly
low carb icecream,
15g almonds/15g babybel cheese


cookies with choc shake!! mmm delicious
mix 1 skake with just enough water to make a thick batter, add 2 teaspoons on cs fibre. place blobs on baking paper and bake at 160ish unntil slightly firm to touch. yummo!!!!!!
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Thanks Sam! Though have you wondered WTF 'Tasty' cheese is? All cheese is tasty to me!!! lol Also do you wonder why it's called 'celebrity' slim? It actually put me off at first, til I looked into it.
just had sugar free jelly and frozen weight watchers yogurt for desert was yummy

just shake the yogurt every half hour as your freezing it so it's doens't go all hard and crispy.
sugar free jelly, with frozen raspberries set in it, and squirty cream on top

lovely treat and is under 10carbs per 100 all in
I tried and failed with the cookies. Just ended up wet blobby messes!

I had chocolate philadelphia melted over strawberries last night - that was amazing!


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you can have alpen light bars, mattesons fridge raiders (whole bag!), chocolate philly with strawberries, muller light yoghurts (fat free), tesco ultraslim bar (only half!)

if the carb content is under 10g per 100g then its allowed, im not sure how the alpen light bars are allowed but i think its if you eat them once in a blue moon.

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