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Concentration question?


I have a question.. Does anyone else feel fuzzy in the evenings.. come 6pm.. my brain no longer works on LT.

I work all day multitasking... I go home and cant seem to concentrate.. Its like ive used up all my energy stores (brain fuel) and im on the reserve tank.. (even after I take my shake)

Mentally I feel drained.. sometimes I cannot hold a proper conversation.. I talk back to front etc.. like you would when you are extremely tired.. (physcially Im fine)?

Anyone else experience this? I said it to a friend and she said she has heard that with LT.........

PS _ sorry ..for more questions........ but this is really affecting me...
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i find my concentration is less than is used to be since being on LT. i do things backwards and lose my train of thought easily. i put it down to a lack of energy (ie calories) and everyone at work just laughs when i drift into my own little world but luckily they understand and i dont get into trouble!

i find myself having 20minute naps when i get in from work and that sorts me out again for the evening (makes me miss hollyoaks normally tho!) but its not because my body is tired - it's to gee up my brain again!

you've not been on LT for very long, i dont know how long you're planning to stay on, but rest assured it either gets better, or you get used to it. i know i probably havent helped much but just wanted to let you know you're not alone! xxx
Im the same in the evenings it like I draw a blank. I can just sit there at times just staring into space! I loose my train of thought constantly and then think of something else but then think, hey wasnt I thinking something else!? mad I know and at times quiet funny. Think I drive my partner mad.lol he's sooo understanding.
heya sarahlou..

Many thanks! It's not just me then...

I did that last night, I vegged on couch and then got up and cleaned...

I'm on week 2.. each bit down the line I go through something (and ask questions) but ur right I eitheir get over it or get used to it...

At least now I know.. I am not going dolally all together. :confused:

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Some evenings, I feel a bit on the hazy side of things. Go upstairs and forget what I went up for. Start to read and just can't concentrate, even the page start to blur!! Listen to your body, you are putting it through a big change. Don't push yourself, rest when you need to.
Oh interesting i thought it was me and coming of prozac at the same time i started LT lol but i'm fine all day untill evening then my brain goes floppy :D
anyway ...............er what was i saying !

debz x
I definitely am a bit fuzzy, my friends have called me, 'ditzy' & my Mum (charming lady that she is) called me 'feeble-minded'. So, yeah, I do suffer from not being able to concentrate - but on the whole I'm fine if there's something I actually really need to focus on.

Hope it gets better for you soon! Or at least you get used to it ;-)

I get a few dizzy spells, but haven't noticed concentration going. And thank god, I work full time too and in the evenings and at weekends i'm studying for an Open University degree - couldn't afford to have concentration lapses so glad I'm not suffering!

Hopefully this will pass for you :)

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