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How does a VLCD effect concentration?

I have several exams coming up and need to be able to focus on them.

Will I be able to focus or will my head be spinning or fighting off thoughts of eating???

Should I wait for a school break?

What do you think? :confused:
Hi Cait, being no expert...but I think its only in the first few days when your body is getting used to the new nutrition that you might be affected....Once ketosis kicks in ur meant to have lots of energy etc, so I would think that would make concentration easier!!
On the whole my concentration has improved. I find I can manage with less sleep, so still feel perky when I have to get up at 5 am for an early shift. The only time I have problem if I've overdone it with exercise or gone too long between packs.
Russian Doll is the best one to ask. She has been doing courses this past year and did very well and is now at university and she has been on CD and doing very well
She is a wemitt, can't remember how much she's lost but it's a lot
Irene xx
I'm at Uni, haven't had any problems with concentration TBH apart from my own distractions to get out of studying ;)

Go for it, no better time than the present!!

Nicole xx