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Concerned about a friends doing WW


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I've got a friend from uni who about 2-3 years ago was admitted into a unit for anorexia, she's a normal size now anyway and has a tiny frame but she's greatly improved and you would never have thought she'd had a problem.

I'm currently on weight watchers and going to classes, and lost weight myself ( except I need too!) and she's seen how well Ive done and we were discussing today about whether she wants to come along with me (her idea).

She really has nothing to loose, however as she's been living off pizzas and junk as a student, and she does want to loose a few pounds and tone up a bit for our holiday, I don't see a major issue- she's not very skinny but is actually a perfectly normal weight. However I see her point about wanting to be able to get some support about eating properly etc and maybe loosing some weight.

However she's said she wants to loose 2 stone, so she gets to a BMI of 18.5 (which is the absoloute minimum) tbh I think this is far too much than is healthy and she should at the most aim for a 1/2 stone or 10lbs!!!

I'm just concerned because the nature of WW is, tracking what you eat, weekly weigh ins and you do need to stay in control..and I'm worried this may be a trigger, or actually a bad idea for her. I can see her going really overboard and going into some old anorexic habits.

She's coming along to my meeting tomorrow..and Im not going to stop her, but should I be concerned? Or just keep a beady eye?
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I would think that this is the class leaders department . I cant remember the exact figures but you need to have at least half a stone to loose and they have their own rules about BMI levels, so you may find that they wont accept her.

Hope it all turns out ok, i can understand why you're concerned


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Yes, well she's somehow signed up to the monthly pass which does reject you when it thinks you don't have more than 5lbs to loose (as you enter your BMI etc etc) so maybe she has more?

I dont know..I'll see what my leader says tomorrow, I am going to keep a very beady eye on her, support her too..but, just look out for signs of control etc


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Are you able to talk to her about your concerns? I mean she can tone up at a gym and not go on any form of diet. Aiming to reach the minimum BMI is very worrying and I think you're right about the control factor. Its an anorexics dream to control their eating habits.

Don't rely on the group leader for help. They're not qualified nutritionist/psychologists. I hope the leader has some sense and tells her she's already in a healthy weight range.

All the best.


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I agree, I think you can only be there for support. Maybe express your concerns. But even the lowest of the bmi is still classed as within the healthy range although I wouldnt aim for it myself many people do. Its a tricky one but she is lucky to have such a caring friend
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S: 19st5lb C: 18st5lb G: 12st5lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 1st0lb(5.17%)
Thats true, but the person has to admit to the history first, and if they were very determined unfortunately, I have a feeling they wouldnt admit to such a history. It is a tricky one


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This is a difficult one.

I went through a 'thing' when I was younger. It wasn't an eating disorder, I didnt want to get thin, I just didn't want to eat. When people questioned me about it, told me to eat or raised the subject at all I went off like a bottle of pop and that made me want to eat less and less.

It's really tricky. She may not be anything like me, but I do know people with eating disorders will do anything to hide it.

Keeping a close eye on her is a great idea, and if she is tracking everything then you can suggest you both swap trackers each week for meal ideas.

I'm sure an experienced WW leader will unfortunately have seen this before, maybe at the end of a class you could have a quiet word and express your worries?


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Meeting starts in a bit, i'm going to get there early and have a chat with the leader good/bad idea? I dont want to seem like i'm going behind my friends back..and its nice she ALSO wants to come along to support me aswell...but everyone ive chatted too who does know her share my concerns

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