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Confession and penitence

Oh dear, I've gone 1.5 points over my allotted points for the day.

I've been absolutely starving today. After CD and Atkins, I'm not used to it.

Tomorrow I shall try harder!

Any advice, and does anyone think 1.5 over is really bad?
1.5 over is not bad at all - take it off your allocation for tomorrow.

There are people who use "flexible points" - have a weekly total and use them up as they need them - some days over, some under....just make sure come day 7, you can eat something other than 0 points soup and stir fry!!!
I don't understand why I feel so hungry!! Perhaps I need to up the veggies! I'm starting to think about food constantly and this is not good!


I'm going to be slim
Just a thought maybe your not drinking enough the body gives out hunger signals when thirsty so I always try a glass of water or squash before I pick


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I don't understand why I feel so hungry!! Perhaps I need to up the veggies! I'm starting to think about food constantly and this is not good!
I feel your pain, been through those phases and they suck. I've found that when I indulge my sweet tooth I suffer badly from even more cravings because I get the instant sugar rush then the energy drop and I'm hungrier than I was beforehand. The nasty thing is that so many foods have hidden sugar. That innocuous and wholesome looking Ready Brek Honey? 20% sugar! I think that a good way of dulling the cravings is to eat a savoury snack, preferably something protein-rich. A few slices of quorn with light cheese on a couple of ryvita.

One way of checking whether you're really hungry or just emotionally hungry is if you're craving something sweet, say to yourself you can have a savoury protein snack - if you're still hungry for it, have it, if not - it's probably just some emotional sugar-craving.

If you're hungry very frequently then you're probably just not eating enough! I find I have to nibble and graze on the hour to keep myself from getting too hungry. But so long as it's fruit and veg, the odd light cereal bar, sugar-free jelly, low fat high protein... I think that's okay. Never deprive yourself too much, it'll just drive you nuts and send you back into the arms of chocolate in the long term!


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Hello PennyJane! Thought I'd pop over from the Atkins forum to see how you are doing! Congrats for keeping going and good luck with it x

When I was calorie counting, I found just as Iris says the more sugar I ate the more I craved, so I just banned all of those foods and upped the protein, and always ate something when I felt really hungry! I guess it depends on your personality, I'm not someone who can do things by halves so it suited me better than having a biscuit here and there, which would ulitmately lead to the whole packet :rolleyes:

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