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Hi all JUDDDers,
I am sorry to tell you but I am trying Diet Chef for a month.
I do believe in JUDDD and want to do it again but just sick of those down days after so long messing about with CD. I honestly believe I will return to it too as I think it will suit me in the long-term but just feel I need a wee break from that fasting feeling.
I'd already bought a week's supply of DC before starting JUDDD and it's just been too tempting.
Please don't kick me off your groups though because I do plan on coming back and know I haven't given the diet a proper chance. I've ordered the book too. I'd also still like to chat to you all and see how you're doing.
If I ever eat too much as well I think I will always try to use the JUDDD principle.
I will be back, I promise, unless DC works for me but I've done low cal with no great success so it is just a wee break

Love Broxi xxx
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Have a good break Broxi and have fun on DC. What are the meals like? I don't know a lot about DC, but yes you need a break hun, will probably do your body some good too. We'll still all be here when you want to come back :) Yes make sure you keep us posted on how you're getting on and post on here too. Good luck hun x


Girl on a mission
Good luck with diet chef hun, I don't blame you wanting to not do fasting thing straight after cd, but we are all here for you if you ever need any support...let us know how you get on. x
Hiya Broxi... good on you for deciding to make a change

Let us know how you get on with Diet Chef....I must admit I don't know much about it so can't comment on it's success but I'm sure that you will make a good go of it...

Take care
:thankyou: Broxi for your post that set me on my Juddd Journey. If it wasn't for your honesty I may of not faced up to my own feelings.

I really hope DC works for you.. I totally understand your reasons for wanting a break! Good Luck x
Thanks everyone for your kind wishes. But just to reiterate, I really just need a wee time out from all this fasting as been doing CD off and on for ages and just fed up just now. But I'm sure I will be back. The Diet Chef food is gorgeous and it is the CD thing of all being measured out so I can't take huge portions or anything which is my downfall. I have to admit that JUDDD was definitely changing my appetite so I'm sure I will be back and if I cheat I plan on doing JUDDD so I've not really left, if you know what I mean. So i'll keep hanging out here and talking to you guys. I still talk to all my good pals on the Butterfly thread on CD so you lot are not getting rid of me that easy either. Anyway, we are all on the same journey really, just different methods of transport!
Yes you certainly aren't ging anywhere lol, we won't let you! :D Enjoy the dc meals, is it 3 a day? Yes you'll be welcome back anytime when you feel like trying juddd again. Remember to let us know how you get on else you'll be in trouble :D


Wants to do this!
Well done for giving JUDDDing a go. As you say now's not the right time for you to do it, so wish you well on DC. As it's been said we'd love to hear your progress.

Wish you well on your mission Broxi!

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