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is slowly shrinking
hi people,
well here goes. Sorry pink team i have let u all down badly. well and myself, i had a major blip last night and binged until i was nearly sick. when i look back all i can see is this mad animal who ate his prey, as i had no control whatsoever.
I do not know what triggers this off, but this is what i was like before joining exante, i am really disaapointed in myself and feel really miserable about it.
i started by having one packet of go-ahead bars and before i knew it i had the box and some biscuits. Damn Damn Damn me.
Now i am left with feeling low, depressed and craving food, once again and feel like i am back to square 1.
i It was these bingeing episodes which put me on this diet, and still i have no control. Why do i do this, to myself as i dont enjoy it.
I am going to keep my self busy today in the garden and housework to beat the cravings, as i need to start ketosis all over again.
Sorry all, but i had to share this with u, as i don;t want to lie and honk, as i value your friendships to much for that. And if any1 else goes thro this, i hope i can encourage you to vent your anger here also, as i know you guys will pull me thro.
regards shirley:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::break_diet:
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Don't be so hard on yourself. I think most of us are on this diet because we have a problem with deciding when enough is enough when it comes to food.

You've had a blip, pick yourself up and commit to today, tomorrow you will feel more positive:)


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I know you are dissapointed but, you are starting again today:) Think back, in the past would you have been able to stop? I know I couldn't! So the plus side is you have re-started before the old food issues really take control.

Today is a new day go on have a shake (you know you want to:))


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I guess we are fighting years of bad eating habits. I know if I ate one thing I shouldn't I would havve to fight so bad not to go crazy....So, I can see how it happens.

Now you just need to capture how you feel right now and know that you are going to make yourself stronger and will not do it again. You have had a sharp learning curve early on. Now you can try to get rid of your culture of binge eating so you can know you will have a positive relationship with food when you come off Exante.

We cannot even think that some have these blips because we have no consultants. I have seen people have major blips on CD, LL and LT too.

You are doing so well. Team Pink wont be disappointed in you. I am proud of you for sharing and not pretending :)


is slowly shrinking
thanks sophie, i wouldn dream of lying, this is what this forum is for, honesty. For years we have pretended we are ok, i need to be honest with every1 if i am gonna do this. and let this be a warning to others in the same situation, one biscuit leads to a enormous binge, i know what u mean tho, this is why we do this diet because we can;t find good eating habbits, i hope to be back on track today, but i have those horrid pangs again, i keep saying just one more day of eating won;t harm, but i know it will, i must take control, and only i can do this.


reaching my goal
dont worry sherliy just get back up and brush your self down you have done well so far . I know you can do it . It a addiction that wont go away over night belive me we have been abusing our bodys for years so dont be hard on your self x


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water, water, water and more water lol

When you thing 'I want to eat' drink some water. You shall get through it. 1, because you know you can and after all these years owe it to yourself and 2, because we love you so much here and want you to stay on board this ship with us. The ship feels wrong when we lose a member of the crew!:)
Here's a couple of tips for you in the future. :)

1) Don't buy biscuits! Seriously, if you haven't got them in the house you can't binge on them. If you really want them desperately you'll have to go and get them and often it's just too much trouble. So this applies to all carb-based snacks, no biscuits, no crisps, no crackers, no sweets, no bread etc....... get rid of all of it. If you live with others (family or friends) who still want this sort of stuff make them buy their own and hide it from you, it's only for a short while ffs!

2) if you feel hungry and like you want to eat, like Isis says have a big glass of water and then go and clean your teeth. After all who wants to combine the delicious food of their choice with the minty-fresh taste of toothpaste? :D

3) Write down how you feel right now. On here, in a blog, even a letter to yourself or a post-it note on your cupboard door. Next time you think you want to eat stop and read it, it'll make you think and the delay might just help you change your mind.

4) Keep some "allowed" healthy nibbles in stock so to speak. I always have chicken mini-fillets and prawns in the freezer and eggs in the fridge so if I really feel like I need food I have to get them out and cook them. Again often in the time it takes to do this the urge has passed and they end up being given to the OH or the dog instead. I also have bouillion cubes in the cupboard, and ten-cal soups (you can get these in Morrisons) so I can have a cup of one of those if I want.

5) If you do give in to your cravings, don't beat yourself up about it. You're only human! Like you're intending, get straight back on it. Don't pretend it never happened though, try to analyse what went wrong and learn from it so you can avoid getting yourself in that position mentally or physically again.

6) Last but not least, back to one pack at a time for you lady! After all, once you've had one pack it's only a few hours til your next one right? You can do that..... and if you need to eat, well you might as well just hang on til the next pack then if you want you can have whatever you want right? Only because you've had your pack you hopefully won't want to anymore, then it's only a few hours til the next pack and you can do that can't you? And so on and so on..............

You can do this. Now get out there in that garden, burn off some of those extra calories and get to it, you hear? Wanna see a honk off you later please......;)


Are We There Yet?
Another great post yambabe.....Are you going to become an exante counsellor when you are done? You would be great at it :)


is slowly shrinking
oh thankyou so much jo, your words are of wisdom. i am going to write a blog, i think it may help. as for the family hiding their biscuits it is not going to happen, because if it is not biscuits it will be something else, that will mean putting a lock on kitchen cupboards altogether, i need to take control, and i will, i have to, i need to be stronger.
Aww hun (hugs)

What we need to remember isthat we are human, and that these things can and will happen to some of us. BUT one blip does not spell the end of your journey....you can get back on track and will...and you'll get your goal. Dont let it get you down....youve not let us pink ladies down, infact the opposite, im proud of you for knowing you can tell us about it. were here for you xxx
Hi Shirley, at least you are starting again and that is the important thing. You have beaten yourself up, and rightly so, but get over it. You have to remember this feeling for when you get cravings again, if you remember, the chances are good you will not do it again.

Keep you chin up, cheer up, and keep on the forum.


reaching my goal
you will get onto the swing of things tmoz , i had a cat nap earlier and i woke up craving sweet things i had to tell my self off because i was almost tempted but then i couldnt do it to myself so i had a black coffee instead . I know im ready for my soup soon yumm :)
Yeah, nearly feeding time. Actually today has been a bit of a struggle, the wife cooked her lunch and it smelt so good. Went to the barber, had a hair cut and there were kids eating chocolate, what more can I say


reaching my goal
i know how you feel mark i keep walking into the kitchen and looking into the fridge and walking out again , what am i like :)

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