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Confessions and warnings

It was my birthday yesterday... YAY!

Food wise things started going downhill with a danish for breakfast and some fresh fruit. :break_diet:

Now, I am generally a hard and faster but birthdays bring out the child in me and the child likes carbs... lots of them!:cry:

Skip forward 24 hours and I am feeling terrible. (I have spun past rice and chinese chicken for lunch and pizza and ice cream for supper along with a couple of glasses of rose!) :(:(:(

This is the warning bit.. DONT DO IT!!
My stomach is bloated, my head hurts, I feel sick, have a horrible acid taste in my mouth and above all I feel like I have been awake for several days! I literally feel awful - oh and I cant breathe properly either (I think my bloated stomach is pressing my diaphram or somesuch hideousness):sign0137:

So there we are, confession, warning and now for a bit of repentance! Keeping it simple for a couple of days to help the tummy calm down!:raincloud:
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Good post, been there done that, it's just not worth it is is jojo


You poor thing!!! I've heard of this happening before;a friend on IPD (low carb) gorged on chocolate cake & beer, she was ill for two days, though she's back on plan & fine now. If I was you I'd load up on the water, take whatever medicines you need, antacids etc, & rest for a day, I'm sure you'll be fine and once you're back on Atkins you'll be great.
ps belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Did you get any nice presents?
thanks all, it wasnt worth it but it was fun at the time... and Laura you are completely right its a food hangover. According to my OH I used to have them quite a lot but he hasnt had to suffer me suffering one for a long time!

Sharon, I got some great prezzies! Universal vouchers from my ancient granny and Mum, lovely bit of pottery from my sis, gorgeous chunky necklace and bracelet from my Bro-in-law and his wife who are living with us right now and, WOW, pearl and emerald earrings from my lovely hubby!


Likes to eat.....
Firstly Happy Birthday! nice pressies too :) I never get that much! hehe I feel your pain I overdid it myself a few days ago and also had that stomach digging into me in bed, not nice at all!


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Hey, thanks for the warning, its my 25th this Thursay so i will take heed and avoid the cake!
pearl and emerald earings - sounds amazing.

I was at a wedding on saturday night and ate 3 vol-u-vonts (sp?) and some home made scotch egg. Nothing has changed on the scales but have felt pretty bloated ever since - not fun. On Sunday morning I was incredibly bloated.

Lesson learned!
Hey, thanks for the warning, its my 25th this Thursay so i will take heed and avoid the cake!
Tis my friends 25th on Saturday and we're going out. I don't have to worry about avoiding cake but we are going to a place called the cocktail factory.

I'm thinking of trying to stick to champagne cocktails or maybe a martini - anybody else got any ideas?

Can't bear whisky (yak!)
G&T always good. This place does a really nice gin that I enjoy drinking with lots of ice and a few good squeezes of lime - no mixer at all. It is soo smooth

Would that be ok - How many carbs would I expect to get from that? I know oranges are a no go.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Wow that dessert sounds heavenly Laura, I don't think I could've sat there and watched everyone else tucking into that. One break in 3 months is a pretty good record, you should be proud of that.
at least you exercised love, probably burned it off. :)

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