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Confessions of sins anyone?

I would like to confess to having a meal out with work colleagues last night:
  1. pate with oatcakes and tomato chutney :rolleyes:
  2. turkey with trimmings {only had 1 boiled potato } :rolleyes:
  3. choc chip ice cream :rolleyes:

Thoroughly enjoyed pate but really struggled with main course :eek: and only had a few spoonfulls of ice cream.

get weighed tomorrow and 10.30 aaaaagh :copon:

Does anyone else have any confessions ?
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i had a late lunch today
mixed grill with naan bread (lamb chop, chicken tikka, spicy wings and seekh kebab) and its only my 1st week (feel bad)
i've just had a meal a-la-Atkins (to keep me in ketosis)2 low carb sausages with (random...) some low fat cheese melted on top. I know I'll still be in ketosis having eaten this and it came to 260 cals so add that to the 2 packs I've had so far today and I've had 560 cals so am not gonna beat meself up. Have had a vitamin tablet and not gonna have my last pack as have had the tab plus a meal so think I'll be fine on that!

So its a CD sin, but personally I'm :) with it x
i am sin free lol...for now!!!!
i polished off 4 meatballs that the kids didn't eat & some extra chicken (i'm on ss+). Felt so bad afterwards! Why did i do it!!!! I hit a personal goal of 80 kilos on my scales this morn...i hope i haven't stuffed that up! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
im happy to report that ive done just over 24 hours SS+! ive really been struggling the past few weeks (since dad died) so fingers crossed that im finally back on track!
Well had my weigh in and amazingly I have lost 3lb yay


Wants to shed pounds more
Forgive me dieters but I have sinned - its been a week since my last confession. Today I made some refridgerator cake and ate a tinsy winsy cube of it. It blew me up like Mount Vesuvius, just like I had previously done a week ago. Did I learn? Noooooooo. I wont have anymore tho, tastes have changed and its way too sickly :-/
damn it - i did it again tonight!! I ate 3 little choccies, my friends trifle & a mini packet of chips....could I call that a little binge!!!
I promise to be back to my good ways tomorrow!
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I've had a packet of wotsits for breakfast...There's no hope!

Well, now being honest, it's not surprising my weight has stayed the same for 3 weeks!
I have to confess that had 3 glasses of wine on Saturday and 4 little chicken on a stick kebab thingies! Feel so guilty but not gonna beat myself up about it, been SS'ing again since Sunday so hopefully i'll still have lost something this week.
glad it's not just me then! I think I am finding it harder because I am nearer my target than before and am getting used to being this weight. That and I keep being offered lovely food and finding it very hard to say no.

Hmmm, need to be strict, even if it's so I can lose a bit more before the inevitable gain over christmas.

We'll see. I would like to be able to say by christmas day that I have lost 4 stone. That would be fabulous as well as down right amazing!


Wants to shed pounds more
I've learnt me lesson. I have chopped it up to bitesize pieces to give to the little old ladies I am dancing with tonight. If that wont put them on a diabetic spin, I dont know what will lol :)

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
Well done Snowbaby -(not for putting old ladies into diabetic coma!) but for getting rid of the dreaded cake!

What kind of dancing are you doing?
Forgive me for I to have sinned. Not today, but decided Eat, Drink and be Merry was the way forward yesterday, I had Gammon, cauliflour cheese, cabbage, carrots, 2 pints of cider, half a bottle of champagne, 2 cans of stella and 3 cans of Kronenburg, and half a packet of giant chocolate buttons!
Is that a record?
I wouldn't mind if I had had a hangover by way of punishment, but nothing, no lightning bolt, no hangover, no weight gain (YET)
I am quite good at getting straight back onto the diet on Mondays, so we'll see what happens.
Ive been immaculate till last week when I ate a pack of 12 wine gums, in honesty didnt think i'd do much damage but wasted the whole week and lost v little because of it, been 100% this week and the lbs are flying off :)

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