Confessions of sins anyone?

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I need to stop reading this thread as I have been ss'ing for 6 days and am STAAAARRRVVVIIINNNGGG. This is just making me want to go and eat something, anything grrrrrr


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Can you confess in advance?

I know I'm going to eat tomorrow - we're having a works get together where everyone brings some food, doing Secret Santa etc == now there are only a few of us and it will be so noticeable if I don't eat and I don't want that, really don't want colleagues to know so I know I'm going to have to. I'm going to take low carb food as my contribution (hopefully find something in Tesco tomorrow!) and will do my best to stick to that ------ in itself thats not too bad but I'll be honest and say that my head is running away with me and saying 'oh you could have this' 'oh I could have' 'mmmm' and I don't want to give in to that kind of thought ---- argghhhhhhhhh


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I've been 100% today :D feels so good! (well actually, it doesnt, I have a splitting headache and feel tired) but I figure as I haven't lost anything since Monday maybe my "low carb" food has been hindering my losses, so back to being good for me!!



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No confession, but I was at my ceramics party and told them I was having blood tests and had to fast, I got away with it, but the smell drove me made especially when someone had made Orkney Fudge Cheescake and insisted I took a piece home for the next day. It smelled good and is in the fridge for hubby.


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I'm on day 4 of a restart & have sinned!!! What the feck is up with me??!!
A 12 inch cheese ham & pineapple pizza, was yummy, but I can feel my chins emerging!!