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Confidance Tricks


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Hi All,

Back after a little absence - just have not been posting much recently due to time.

Happy to say I have still been doing the plan and have hit my target (at last)

My post though is about confidance - here is a little story to put it into context:

I had to attend a party recently on my own which I discovered at the last minute was also being attended by my ex husband. I was really quite nervous so decided to do everything I could to look and feel my best.

I put on fantastic undies (thanks Judy Mac) a top that I have been complimented on before leggins and very high gorgeous shoes. I still had to take a deep breath or 2 before walking in but I did it. Two years ago before starting slimming world I would not even have gone to the party.

What do you do to boost your own confidance?
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I worked as a receptionist for a short while and I really had to fake confidence to be able to speak to all the people I dealt with every day and I sort of just taught myself how to be confident. There's no tricks I just relax and put all of my nerves and worries to the back of my mind :)


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i'm much the same. i am really really shy and i would just try and talk my way out of being shy. i used to work voluntary at a riding school and it took a great deal of work to get myself to talk to people, especially when i started teaching horse riding. I still find that i have shy moments at my ripe old age of 40!!!
Faking it is the answer!

Pretend that you are the kind of person who finds this sort of thing easy - and eventually you will be that kind of person.
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Totally agree. Faking it is the fastest way to actually being it.

I used to be a petrified, self-conscious wreck most of the time. I always felt inferior, ugly, dull...etc.etc. But...I was belting at pretending I was relaxed, confident, witty, humerous, etc. It took a few years, but I started to realised that if I could go to all that effort to pretend to be like that, why couldn't I just *be* like that? Gradually it happened. I also made sure that little things like trying to look as good as I could (nice hair, done my nails, slick of mascara, etc) were in place so that I felt I was more comfortable.

It doesn't always work, sometimes I still get nervous and everyone does, it's only normal! But the power of positive thinking rocks :)


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Haha brilliant! I thought it was just me who faked it :D
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Oops, double post!
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Fantastic Hellie, that's wonderful, I hope your ex realised what he is missing, lovely story. X

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I agree with faking it!! If you ooze confidence, others around you notice it too.

I teach jive to beginners and have classes sometimes up to 30 couples. You just take a deep breath and get on with it!

Also well done on reaching your target Hun!


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