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Confidence waning a little

Just came on for some reassurance really as confidence is waning a little.
After my 2 pounds loss last week albeit after 6 days rather than a week I have been banking on a bigger loss this week.
I have been 100% but when weighing at home (I know but we all do it lol) I have not seen much movement - seem to have STS but today maybe dropped another 2 lbs.
I think I may not be drinking enough water so am going to try to step that up - urine is quite dark which pharmacy say is indicative of not drinking enough - and have been including coffees in daily intake so must do better with water.
OH keeps on at me saying he doesn't think I should be mixing LT products with slim and save products but I think that as they are TFR products and am in ketosis then they should have no adverse effects on losses.
Other thing is I got my period today so I guess that could have affected weight these past few days.
Sorry for wingeing I just really want to have a good loss at WI on Saturday - especially as have been 100% all the way.
Want to lose as much as possible before flying to UAE in 3 weeks for work and then more importantly in 7 weeks for wedding!
Anyone else had similar problems?
Thanks for listening xx
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Hiya hun.... I occasionally have an Atkins bar at work (Especially on a Saturday) When we can be REALLY busy!!! But i try to keep it to a minimum.... plus i also up my water by half a pint as you are obviously having half a pint less as your having no shake!!!

If i was you i'd keep your slim and save until you REALLY cant make a shake!! And up that water!!! It really does help hun!!! Your TOTM will mean your holding water and almost definately wont be helping your mood..... Could you maybe get out and get some fresh air... brisk walk!!! Something like that may just jolt your body if you've plataued...

You have to look at the big picture tho hunni.... you've lost over 2 stone in under 1 month!!!!! THATS AMAZING!!!

Hang on in there!!! Stick with it!!! It will come off hunni!!!

I'm sorry you're feeling a bit deflated. It definitely sounds like good ol' TOTM. I always lose my way a little when it creeps around. The affect it has on your mood is unbeleivable.

I would say that a 2lb loss is a LOSS! And any loss is brilliant. It's all going in the right direction. And that direction is a new slim you!

If your losses have slowed down after using other products as well as lipotrim then it may well have something to do with that. But before you think about it, you should address the water situation and see if that has any impact. I ALWAYS have better losses when I drink more water. The week I lost 3lb I was managing 2litres a day but the week I lost 5lb I was making sure I have about 3.5/4 litres a day. So I would definitely say that it makes a huge difference.

Keep your head up my love and celebrate how far you have come and your losses so far! When TOTM leaves you alone I am sure you will feel much brighter, much more confident and won't be holding water! Xxx
Thanks girls - amazing support as always xx


Determind dieter :D
Lorraine... I STS when it was my TOTM ...but I've been on for ages now and have upped the water I'm drinking to 4litres a day and last week I had a really good loss. I would avoid mixing products even if they are similar....Lipotrim only have certain things for a reason to control intake and by changing/mixing products it might have an adverse effect on your journey :( ... Good Luck honey and keep up the good work x x x


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Chin up hun! :)

Stick with it and get your water levels up! Also, look forward to the weigh-in after TOTM, you may find you lose more than you expected!! Dreaded TOTM turns our bodies into water canisters! x
Thanks everyone. Upped water yesterday and today and sticking to LT products other than having other meal bars when travelling. Scales seem to be shifting so fingers crossed for weigh in tomorrow x


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Best of luck Lorraine! Good decision re the water & sticking to the ol' faithful! x


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Hi Lorraine - Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. :hug99:
I'm the same when TOTM bloated and retain loads of water, hopefully when your off the next weigh in will be great x
7 pounds lost - hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for your motivation - much appreciated xxxx


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Well done honey now that's your motivation for next week sorted ;) huh x x x
Thanks Trueleame - absolutely! Am really hoping will be able to wear a size 18 to my wedding as a maximum x


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What date is your wedding honey?? Sorry if you've already told me this ..have a lil person bugging me to read what I'm typing lol x x x
What date is your wedding honey?? Sorry if you've already told me this ..have a lil person bugging me to read what I'm typing lol x x x
17 December so 7 weeks away really x
I think that size 18 is definitely coming your way Lorraine !! Well done on a fab loss. I lost 2lb this week and was a little bummed but you're my inspiration for a great loss next week! Well done. Xx
Thank you so much Emma-Jayne - you go for it - we are all behind you xxx


Determind dieter :D
Excellent Lorraine ..you'll get there honey :) and look amazing! I wanna see piccies afterwards :D
x x x

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