CONFUSED!!! AAM and 790 Qs- please help :0/


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Hi. I’ve mentioned some of the following things in other threads so sorry for repeating myself.

Right, this week I’ve cut out bars as I felt really bloated and uncomfortable. This has made me feel much better from the not being bloated point of view, however, I’ve felt much more hungry this week. I’m really looking forward to Christmas as I will be doing a cross between AAM and 790.

I have a couple of questions regarding this. I’m actually a little worried about adding the food and got achieving the little personal goals I have set myself. :(

This week I’ve been thinking about the AAM and 790 plans and wondering if maybe I should do them on a permanent basis as I’ve felt a little tired and felt more hungry than usual. My questions are:

1) Should I wait until just before xmas and do a combination of AAM/790 OR should I start AAM and do that for a week then move on to 790 over xmas and maybe continue after? (asking this because I read on one of the threads that someone said you should do each step for a minimum of 1 week at a time).

2) My fiancé is also doing CD and is currently SSing with me. On the guidelines it said that you should have 3 or 4 foodpacks plus your AAM (I’d have 3 as I’m shorter and other half has 4 as is male) BUT it says that in 790 you have 3 packs plus your 790 meal. Does that mean he has to go from having 4 packs to only 3?!?!?!

3) I’m really keen to drop another half a stone by xmas so could I still do this on AAM?

I’d really appreciate your opinions on this as I’m quite confused!
Hi Flojam
Well I was going to say your fiance should have 4packs ......... but just checked with Cambridge HO and it's 3 for him as well. This is because as the name says it's 790calories - makes sense when explained!!!

I did 790 plan very successfully at one point and you can go straight from SS to 790 and your losses should still be VERY good and you should still be able to lose 7lb before Xmas.

Hope that helps!
As already said if you and your other half go on the 790 plan you both have 3 packs a day plus the food allowance.

I personally would do a week on AAM and then move upto the 790 , once on the 790 i wouldnt swop back and forth between AAM and 790 i would just stick on the 790 plan.
The weight loss is very similar to ss so you neednt worry about it majorly slowly your weight loss down aslong as you are following the plan and sticking to the portion sizes you will still be in ketosis on the 790 plan so shouldnt feel hungry.

Thanks for your replies. I think I may do AAM from next week.
As long as the losses are about the same I'll be very happy.
Im fact, what I might do is dig out the scales (which I had hidden because I was hopping on them every day!) and weigh myself tonight. If I have lost a decent amount then I may start AAM tonight and continue for the next week. I'f it is not so good then I will SS until monday. Does that sound like a plan?
Hey did our wonderful CDC give you a yellow book? If not do u wanna borrow mine and even photocopy it in work?

Thanks Kazz, yes, she did give us one the other week. Cheers anyway :)
Oh crap!! Really disappointed :(

Just weighed and have only lost 1.25lbs since Sunday.

Bit fed up now because I was hoping for a good loss because I only (I know, what a word 'only') lost 2.5lbs last week and this week have been really hungry and have stuck 100% to the ssing and had nothing I shouldn't have.

:( Fed up now :(

If we suppose I dont lose anything else between now and sunday when I have my official weigh in then this month I will have lost 3.75lbs, 3lbs, 2.5lbs and this week 1.25lbs. That's a total of 10.5lbs. I thought it was 1 stone per month!!!

Now I don't know if I should keep ssing or do AAM.

Would my loss be any better on AAM and 790 due to my metabolism picking up a bit?