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Extra Easy Days Confused about 1/3rd superfree


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On extra easy I have been incorporating a 1/3 or more superfree into my three main meals.
But have started doubting what I did the one day I ate weetabix for breakfast, as there was no superfree, so assuming I should have eaten fruit with it, and if so, do I have to eat it immediately after or a bit later as a snack.
My other confusion is that I often eat my HEXb, a kelloggs fibre plus bar, with a cup of coffee, when my daughter comes home from school - am I also supposed to eat a 1/3rd superfree with this?
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Your superfree should ideally be on the same plate so with your cereal for breakfast. And no you don't need superfree with your Kellogs bar as that is a snack rather than a meal.


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As long as your full day's food incl 1/3 superfree you are fine!! I just check my food diary has plenty of fruit and veg on it every day, some meals i don't have any some meals i have 1/2 and 1/2 you just need to look at the full day not individual meal times, so fruit is better to snack on to keep you from eating unhealthy snacks! x


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The way I understand it, the whole point of the 1/3 superfree is to naturally limit the amount of free/Hex/synned foods you eat by filling you up.

If you were going to eat two Weetabix anyway, regardless of whether or not there was superfree there, then IMO it's not worth bothering with it.

When I do EE days I never have Superfree with breakfast for this reason, but instead I would try to make my lunch completely superfree (for example, a superfree soup) or at the very least 2/3 superfree to make up for the missed superfree in breakfast.


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I try to make sure on my tracker my superfree outweighs the free, cause tend to not have a full onion but a full chicken breast if that makes sense. Snacks don't worry about eating extra SF x

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