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Confused about B extras?

Hi All,

Went to my first slimming world meeting on wednesday. I have just been making a list of the things I need to buy for my weekly shop this week. I hope it is okay to post these questions here!

When looking through my book, it lists 2 slices of warburtons wholemeal bread on the healthy extra B list but it also says 2 slices of nimble wholemeal bread.
Obviously wholemeal nimble bread is much smaller than a normal wholemeal loaf would be so why are they listed as the same? Surely for 2 normal warburtons slices you would get 3 if not 4 nimble slices?

It also lists wholemeal crackerbreads under the healthy B list, but not plain ones. Does anyone know the syn value of normal ones because my local store dont sell wholemeal and i like to dip them in a cup-a-soup for lunch?

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Regards to bread; it's either 2 slice from a mini loaf the 400g ones or 1 slice from a regular size loaf!

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If it helps, its 60g of wholemeal bread for a HEXB, so you can basically have whatever wholemeal bread you want & just measure it. If its over 60g, you can always Syn it. I always buy Tesco or Morissons 800g wholemeal loaves, have 2 slices & Syn if its over
Healthy extra Bs are about fibre and white bread is not generally high in fibre and so would need to be synned. That said the white nimble is a HEB as it is fibre enriched as is the WW petit pain :)
My favourite bread for a HEB choice is the Weight Watchers whole meal bread (400g thick sliced loaf).
You can have 2 slices of it for a HEB choice.
i like it because the bread is thicker and doesnt fall to bits when you try to eat it unlike the Nimble and Warbutons loaf.
i also find it toasts much nicer than the others too, the others seem quite thin to me so they fall to bits or burn when you toast them xx

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