Confused about quorn !!!


Need help
Hi guys, :)
I have never had anything quorn and as part of my new way of looking at food i was going to try some. I have looked on the 1000 kcal menu and it says that i can have 275g of quorn. Sounds easy but when i went to the supermarket there was quorn this, qorn that and i got really confused.:confused:
Can anyone help me and let me know what the difference between them are and does it mean i can have all of them?

Nick :)
im with you on this one Nick, i have no idea either, would be v.usefull to know though!

Sorry i cant help!!
As far as I know you can have quorn pieces and quorn mince, not the burgers or sausages or anything with added stuff in them.

I tried it for the first time whilst on AAM and I really liked it x
To be honest although I love quorn, it is indeed tasteless without flavouring so I've avoided it so far. Normally I'd cook it in lots of tomato based sauce with a good touch of chilli..........yummy :D That really isn't possible on any of the lower calories programmes so I was a bit stumped too :(

This link mini posted on the recipe thread might help
I've been using the mince on 790 (just for variety) and tend to have it with the spicy tomato soup and mushrooms throwing in herbs etc - now it aint quite spaghetti bolognaise but its okay.

Quorn is not the same as tofu.
I'm vegetarian and also lived in Japan so I'm a BIG tofu fan. I used to eat quorn but these days I really don't like "pretend" meat things - the texture is too alien for me. Anyway....

Tofu is soya bean curd which is an entirely natural product (when manufactured from non-GMO sources). It is extremely low fat and very high protein. There are a variety of soya foodstuffs - o-kara is a delicious soya food which looks like cous cous and is commonly eaten mixed with vegetables, for example. Tofu comes in various forms (firm, soft etc etc).

Quorn was originally devised as animal feed! It is a laboratory created foodstuff which a sizeable number of people are allergic too. Contrary to popular belief it has nothing to do with mushrooms! :D

You can get a variety of quorn products from mince and chunks through to sausages, ready meals etc. In general the pure quorn (not made into some kind of meal) is low fat and high protein.
I used some of my chicken and mushroom soup pack to cook it in!!!!!!!
I had never tried quorn til my first add a meal a week ago.
I thought it was nice but yeah tasteless so I added a little stock to it seemed to help :)