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Confused and wondering if SW is really for me

kerry b

Silver Member
I dont know what the hell is going on with me at the moment.

I did so well at the start of the year losing 13lbs in 6 weeks but I have put all that and more on again. Maybe its time to start thinking if SW is really for me? I love the freedom of SW, I was ALWAYS hungry when I tried WW, with SW im hardly ever hungry. Maybe i'm focusing too much on the scales. Something has definitely changed, I have gone from a 14/16 in trousers to a size 12 in skinny jeans and I have gone from a 16 to 14 on top (big boobs so dont expect that to go down any further, my mum is a 10 on bottom but 14/16 on top:().

Im the first to admit that im not being 100% but something is changing, I notice a difference in my body shape, my best friend says I have a waist again and my face has slimmed down. It's definitely not through exercise as I dont do any at all (changing as of today:D). Its not even that I bought jeans a while ago and they are getting tight I bought new clothes yesterday. Why am I gaining weight but wearing smaller clothes????? It makes no sense at all:confused:. I know I should be happy that something is changing but a 3lb gain this week has really made me wonder.
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The tape measure is a better guide than the scales.

Changing what you eat makes a difference to your body shape and a difference to how the body uses what you are giving it. Give it better nutrition and it begins to work more efficiently.

Unfortunately because all slimming clubs go by the scales it ultimately makes you feel as though you are failing.

Well done on getting smaller.

kerry b

Silver Member
Thank you!

Iknow that I should be happy with any sort of loss but cant get over the gain on thee scales. Maybe I should just stop weighing myself every week:p


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Keep going!! You are doing so well! Hopefully this week was a blip and the scales will be kinder next week. Don't give up, you have done so well so far. Maybe get your books out and have a couple of weeks being 100% to get you back on track! Keep going!!


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i am the same , i had sts or gained but i and a dress size smaller, havent got a clue how that works out but i am going to start using a tape measure and see what happens
Perhaps I am reading your post wrong but are you saying you have regained over 13lbs but are wearing smaller clothes and have not been doing exercise!? I agree with eye6769 - check the scales!! New batteries needed? Or have you moved them?
To gain that amount of weight and get smaller in size without serious weight training would make you something of a medical marvel!
You say ypurself you aren't following
Plan 100% so that will be why you are gaining hun i'm afraid. Weight doean't go back on in the same place you lost it originally so maybe its going back on toyr boobs?


Now to maintain.....
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do you weigh at home??
if you do i really would check those scales because it sounds like they are well dodgy to me!
pop along to boots (or my hubby used to use the scales in our morrisons) and have a weigh on theirs.

kerry b

Silver Member
Yes i weigh at home. The scales are moved after I weigh in as the bathroom is too small to leave them out but i have always done this. I will change the battery and weigh myself at boots when i go to town later. I do like the idea of being a medical marvel though:p

I know if i dont stick to it 100% I wont lose but even on weeks where I have been 100% I have had gains. All the new trousers I have are low rise ( why cant i get jeans that sit on my waist??) so the weight could be going places other than hips and bum (usual hotspots for me).

Thank you for all your replies. I will try new batteries and see how it goes. Hadnt thought of that;)


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Important note on the scales- mine are in the bathroom, and get moved because of space. Make sure you zero them each time you use them- so step on to turn them on, then let them turn off- then get back o again- I'm always 2-2.5 lb lighter after zeroing them- that's the true weight!

kerry b

Silver Member
We have a fireplace in our bedroom. Could clear the junk off & keep them on the hearth. Why do I never think of the simple things?
Re: All styles of jeans, suddenly only being available as 'sits on hips'...

This has been really annoying my mum (being a shorty myself, hipsters already sit on my waist ;) ) and yesterday we found that M&S have jeans that are 'sits on waist'. Mum was chuffed to mintballs and they were only £12.50 a pair (instead of £15).

kerry b

Silver Member
sheepy19 said:
I'm itching to know if you've re-weighed! Like others have said it must be your scales playing you up! Good luck :)
I didn't weigh myself again yesterday. I weigh from home & hop on the scales just before I get in the shower so have nothing on. Obviously can't start peeling clothes off in Boots ;-). I had also had breakfast & lunch by the time I went to town, normally don't eat before WI. I did weigh myself this morning after replacing the batteries and as suggested I reset scales before stepping on them and I had lost 3lbs since yesterday. If that had been the result yesterday I could have understood the STS. Hopefullu I will get a decent loss next week now.

Thank you, as always, for the support & suggestions

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