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Confused, but shouldn't be!

OK, so I have done ww before, twice. 1st time I lost 7 stones 8.5lbs in just under 2 years. 2nd time, I lost 6lbs in 2.5 weeks. So, I know it works. The problem is that now, I seem to be looking for ways to sabotage myself, if that makes sense. Half of me thinks, you know it works, so just get on with it, but the other half of me thinks that losing weight shouldn't be a complicated thing. Just eat less and move more! I've got the moving thing down, my Wii My Fitness Coach is great, its just the eating thing I can't get my head round. Life is too short to be weighing and measuring, but on the other hand, I want to be slimmer and healthy for my children!!!! AARRGGHH!
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Maybe you need to revisit your reasons for losing the extra lbs I like to write my goals & not the final one because I am still unsure of what that is
You know it works 7stone 8.5lbs is a great acheivement if you revisit your reasons & goals maybe you will see this "diet " in a different light
Good luck I have faith in you


The Weight Loss Monster
How often do you weigh yourself? I've thrown out my scales and only have my weight checked at the weekly weigh ins. I'll only messure myself on the same day as the weigh in.

How about writing yourself a menu at the start of every week? I've started to do that I actaully find myself excited to try the different foods I've written down.

I have to be extreamly strict with myself because I know I'm open to sabotage. The more I have things pre prepared the easier I find it to convice myself it's healthy eating as opposed to a dreaded diet.

I hope you refind your focus, you're obviously an extreamly determined person because you lost such an amazing amount the first time. Good luck!


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