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Hi all, need advice pls, i have been abstaining for nearly 11 weeks now and have nearly lost 3 stones. i need to lose another 5-6 lbs and i am going to start Lite as I am starting to suffer from constant dzzy spells, blurred vision and headaches ( all that happened after 8 months of doing LL the 1st time round BL who would have remembered.

Anyway i now have normal flu (s0 not swine) and my doc prescribed me with antibiotics (which are making me go to the loo all the time (loose motions) and said i would need to eat food.

Sorry to ask on here but cos im not far from starting Lite, do u think i should just have the 1 meal a day protein/salad? have text my LLC am still waiting for a reply. i am feeling soooooo weak.
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Jo B

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I would wait (if you can) to see what your LLC says - although I think it is best in the long run if you do have something to eat as you need to have your health. What does the instructions on the antibiotics say? Often you are supposed to take them with food. If you are about to go onto LLL then I would be very tempted to start now. Thinking about it, are you sure you've got antibiotics as flu is a virus and they wouldn't touch it?

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon
I dont know what to say babes but ive just got over the flu and it was horrible!! didnt go down the docs though as could even move off the sofa!
I found drinking alot of water and having alot of sleep helped :)

GET ... WELL ... SOOON!!! :D
Thank you all! i will wait to see what my LLC says (if she gets back to me asap), as im constantly going to the loo (sorry to be honest) its sooo unpleasant, plus felling sooo weak. Yes Jo, doc gave me antiobiotics. im only a few lbs away from starting lite & yes health comes first, plus you can't take antibiotics on an empty stomach, i can't go through this for 1 week min.

Thanks TD, glad u liked the porridge, i love it sooo much, all the best with LL, it will be over befor u know it....

sukie sue

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hi hun , so sorry youre not feeling well , have you thought about doing a milk week ? milk is a food and docs often say if you cant eat drink milk with the medication as it lines the stomach also .
just suggesting this as lite isnt really going to help too much as you only have 1 light meal a day so the other doses will be a problem .
anyway hope you are feeling much better soon , thinking of you xx
Firstly, while I think you should hear what you LLC has to say, I think you need to keep your docs advice front and centre too....but I would think Milk Week might be a good answer as well, as it is a food as per Sukies post. :)

SOrry you are having those spells again Slims. BUt you have done wonderfully well, and can i just say you look stunning in your new avatar!!! :)

Let us know what you decide to do, and I hopeyou feel better very quickly.
Thank you all, still haven't heard from LLC. i had a bowl of c****l, sorry to put that on here. how does milk week work? i never did that at all the first time round.

i think i will do that now. say for instance if i still want to use water for my packs, can i jus drink 1 glass of milk a day instead, or how much milk can i drink?

Also one more thing, cos i have had a bowl of c****l and 1 ll cereal bar today, shall i not have m other 3 packs? im not sure what to do, any advice would be appreaciated as i don't think im going to hear from my LLC today.
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nope. Eat packs as usual!! get back on that wagon!

Would the packs not count as food anyway? they are FOOD packs afterall. They have calories, protein, fat, carbs etc etc. They're just more liquid than solid...doesn't mean it's not food though....that's kinda like saying soup isn't food cause it's liquid.

Tablets with pack?

I do hope you feel better soon, flu is 'orrible!! :(
Sorry to hear you are feeling so rotten. You should probably try and have another 2 packs today to make sure you get the nutrients.

For a milk week, you just add the milk to the shakes/soups. Total daily intake of milk works out as:

Skimmed Milk - 580ml
Semi Skimmed - 400ml

Hope you feel better soon :)

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