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Well last night i was preparing pasta for my lunch, in the book its say 40g dry, 150g cooked is 2 points, so i weighed out the 40g assuming that it wud expand to 150g as this is what the book states, but was really shocked when 40g was a tiny amount! So i cooked it anyway and weighed it after and it was only 75g instead of 150g which the book said!this really confused me! I ended up cookin more and just weighin out 150g and threw the rest away, this was a good amount thank god as the 40g i initially weighed out wudnt have filled a fish!lol dont really understand why the book states this as its completely wrong!xx
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I always do mine by the dry portion, always do everything pre cook and its filling. Just because it looks like a small amount doesnt mean it wont fill you! :)
I did the same thing Sunday night! When I looked at how much it was on dry weight I doubled it and it came out as the right weight once cooked.
I've stayed away from pasta!! cos i like it too much hehe!!


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[FONT=&quot]I try to completely stay away from pasta now. I could easily eat a whole bowl of it but considering how many points are in a small portion I try and swap it for a salad whenever I can![/FONT]
Hmm I've always done 100grams is 5points, maybe it might be best to check the back of the packet and use the online calculator, I might try that later and see what points come out as...
Since I usually only cook for myself, I weigh it dry, use 20g dry pasta for 1 point. I use the kids range pasta quite a lot too, its smaller pieces so it looks like you get more for your points :)


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but it says 40g dry is 2 pts :giggle:
but it says 40g dry is 2 pts :giggle:
But it also says 150g cooked is 2 points and if 40g dry doesn't equal 150g cooked then one of them is wrong.

I made a ww recipe last night n it was 125g pasta dried (between 2) and the whole meal (which had chicken and other stuff) was 4.5 points per portion
i thought in my book it said 100g dry is 4 points ..
Il double check when im home but im sure thats what it said..


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
But it also says 150g cooked is 2 points and if 40g dry doesn't equal 150g cooked then one of them is wrong.
I know ;)

I think you will have to do what you want on this. Personal preference!! :D
i always count it as 40g dry, and its a fine amount when adding a tin of tuna and mayo :)) yummmm, think ill do that for my dinner tonight now with some garlic bread!!

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