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Confused :(

Hello everyone

Just thought I'd pop by and get some advice. Iv done vlcd for nearly 15 weeks now and have lost 4 and a half stone. I started on lipotrim and after 10 weeks I switched to exante. I sailed through the 1st. Month on lt I was so determined to stay 100% but after my nan's funeral I ate and then struggled to get my head straight.
I thought after 10 weeks I was just bored on the 2 shakes as I can't stand strawberry and the flapjacks and soup made me want to eat savoury food so I started 'picking' and that turned into totally falling off the wagon. Anyway I moved to exante and I love all the shakes apart from strawberry but I ordered the months supply of 1 shake 1 soup and 1 bar a day. I can't cope. I have 60% good days and the rest I fail. I feel that even though iv lost each week the losses are less than on lipotrim because I put on and lose more of the same few lb each week. I'm starting to feel also that I need to answer to someone (pharmacist) each week to stop me from slacking?

Sorry for such along rant but I'm hoping someone might be able to have something that could help me understand. Is it normal to feel like me? Exante is cheaper when bought monthly in advance it has more flavours and the texture I prefer. Surely I have something that's making me feel that lipotrim works better for me? Why would I want to spend more money if I didn't need to?

Thanks in advance x
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maintaining since June'09
If you want answers about Exante hon you'd be better posting in the Exante forum. As it happens I am doing Exante for a couple of weeks but I don't have the experience to be able to help you much - sorry, though I'm finding it okay since the initial hunger wore off. It's 2 years since I did Lipotrim but from what I remember I felt very similar to now.

Though I have to say if you're only sticking to it 60% of the time you can't expect to lose much really. Only you know if you need someone to answer to, clearly you need to change something.

Good luck whatever you decide :) xx
I didn't write that clear enough maybe? Thanks though x

I wanted to know if others still on lipotrim tried something else and then went back to lipotrim because it worked better for them?
I dont only stick to exante 60% if the time just because I feel like it, I struggle to stick to it because cravings are so intense some days. I can go a week 100% TS but then I can't cope with the cravings.
I am still losing a stone + a month but I feel hungry allot more than I used to.

Hope this makes it more clear? I'm rushing to post as my phones about to die on me :eek:

Thanks again for the reply :)


maintaining since June'09
I didn't think for a minute you planned to only do it 60% of the time :) It was just that that's what you said you were managing.

I don't think any of us here in the maintenance section went from one to the other but if you post in the main Lipotrim forum where they're still on it you might find somebody. LOL! I sound as though I'm trying to get rid of you :) I'm really not, merely trying to help you find your answers :D xx
Plugged my phone in now , Lol ooh I hadn't realised I was in maintenance :) sorry! thanks for pointing it out.

I was rushing to get it in because I knew my phone battery was going to die. Hope my rushed post didn't come across as abrupt? Thanks for trying to help. X

Could a moderator please move it to the main lipotrim thread please?
Thanks xx


maintaining since June'09
No not at all - hope you get the answers you need xx

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