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considering lipotrim but need advice please

Hi all, i have been reading forum here for the past week and getting ideas of what i may be like.

i am meeting pharmasist tomorrow, dont know if they will let me do it though??

i am 10st 10 and 5ft1, so classed as overweight - not obese....does this make a difference?

my hubby did it before xmas and lost 10lbs in a week, he found it ok until the last day, he could not make it to weigh in as car broke down but he just gave up when he was me cooking dinner :(

for the girls doing it, i am worried about feeling faint and dizzy as i like eating little and often - do you feel dizzy??

what days are the worst in the first week?
which flavours are the best?

thanks in advance

p.s: cant stand tea or coffee so cant even use them to help with milkshakes
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Hiya, and welcome !

Your BMI is supposed to be over 25 - but I think some pharmacies are stricter than others.

I feel faint/dizzy all the time, along with feeling freeeeezing all the time too. i was sat in my conservatory when the sun was out last weekend, and it was 30degrees - very comfortable, my husband was boiling!!

Re the flavour shakes: I have vanilla and choc, but find I can add coffee to both - so in effect i have 4 flavours.

Drink all your water, and try the different amounts of water with your shakes. I have a minimum of 400ml with each shake, sometimes I have 700 (if I'm short on water intake for the day!)

Oh, and make sure you take the fibreclear/senna you will almost definately need it.:p

Day 3 and week 3 prove to be the most difficult for most people, me included. I had a lot of early nights in week 3!!

Good luck and keep on here when you need support / motivation.

thanks for replying - i remember my hubby having lots of early nights as he eats well all day but come 7pm he just eats like it was going out of fashion.

my brother and dad have both lost 4 stone betwen them on LT

think my BMI is 28 - so closer to obese

will see what happens tomorrow

you feel dizzy all the time??? how can you cope with that


Back on the diet train...
hey hun ive just finished my 1st wk an can honestly say it was fine, had 1 moment of dizziness at work but it was a sat nyt an busy (i work in a dvd shop as well as a school :))

if u do decide 2 giv it a go, just take each day as it comes, av sum mini goals 2 aim 4 an drink, drink, drink ur water. lol. :)

also av sum distractions ready, i do incase i feel bored as thats wen i used 2 eat more.

good luck hun


thanks for advice, did u start on full day or half day...

i can either start tomrrow afternoon or thursday morning.
silly question but how many shakes can u have a day, OH had 3 a day, is it the same for females


Back on the diet train...
start in the mornin wen u avnt ad owt 2 eat hun. i started tues mornin. id ad the packs 4 ages an kept puttin it off but last monday i suddenly thought enough is enough.

best decision i made, especially wen my mum sed she was pleased i stuck 2 it as she was worried bout my increasin waistline and health! :eek:

its only been a week but already i notice a difference, im sleepin better an dont feel sluggish anymore. :)

good luck


ps its 3 for females, though mens must av more grams of formula. not sure really.
brilliant, thanks!!!

so thursday it is

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
lots of luck on your lipotrim journey. You will not regret doing it.
Females have three shakes a day. Males have either two male sachets of four of the female sachets.
Your taste in the flavours will vary from week to week as your taste buds change. Try them all the first week. The phamacists are generally o.k. with exchanging flavours if you got one you really hate.
Drink loads of water as this will help keep you hydrated and prevent you feeling too hungry. 3-4 litres a day is best.
Take things a little easier in the first week as your body adjusts. Get a few early nights etc as this will help.
In no time, you will be brimming with energy and feeling the weight drop off.
thanks for the tips!!!

meeting pharmacist this morning - hope to start tomorrow


My husband = My hero
Good luck sweet
it's hard but so so worth it!

If u make it to your first weigh in you've craked it!

Can't wait to hear how you get on xx

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