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  1. Rach_25

    Rach_25 Full Member

    This is probably going to sound ridiculous, but how does Slimfast actually work? I have to lose around 36lbs ideally, but taking it as it comes and was considering going back to Cambridge/Slim and Save, but my family don't really like the idea of me eating nothing especially when I have long days at University and work. My dad has done slim fast many moons back and did lose a lot of weight.

    So on the website it says to have: 3 Snacks, 2 Shakes or Meal Bars and 1 600 Calorie Meal.

    1) What kind of meals do you all have - do you cook every meal, do you buy ready made meals such as weighwatchers or tesco lighter choices?

    2) Do you have to stick to slimfast only in terms of snacks (can you have nuts, raisins, ryvitas, low calorie crackers etc)?

    3) Are you allowed any kind of fruit and veg?

    4) Are there any foods/dairy or meats you are not allowed?

    4) Do you have to have all 3 snacks or could I just have 2 shakes, main meal and 1 snack?

    5) Can you still drink (Yes I know alcohol is calorific but I am still young and my social life is of great importance to me)?
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  3. determined!

    determined! Member

    Hey iv just finished day one I had three snacks (not slimfast just 100 cals or under) a meal and two shakes and plenty of water and coffee lol I also love to have a wee drink haha
  4. Andrea1823

    Andrea1823 Full Member

    Hello! Sorry for the late reply! I have 2 Tesco Ultraslim shakes a day and then my evening meal. If hubby is home I will cook, if he is away I get lazy and eat a ready meal! I generally use one of my snacks for cups of tea throughout the day and the remainder for a pudding. I have lost 11lbs in 4 weeks but have not stuck to it 100%. This week I have upped my calories slightly as I am using free weights daily and my losses have stalled.

    The My Fitness Pal app is brilliant. I log everything that passes my lips - good and bad! I find that I can then monitor my calorie intake. Don't forget to weigh and measure! Portion sizes are a lot smaller than I thought they were but I am finding that I am still full.

    Good luck with your loss!! Xxx
  5. sprytez

    sprytez Full Member

    how it works is basically by restricting your calorie intake. 230+230+600+300=1360cals :) i do half of this diet - make my own brekkie (under 230 cal), shake for lunch, reasonable dinner, <300 cal in snacks/coffee. i aim to be under my personal 1500 goal and usually end up around the 1300-1400 cal mark. i also add ice cubes to my shake to make it a little thicker, think it tastes nicer cooler and thicker.

    as for drinking - alcohol is empty calories. if you're a spirit drinker, choose diet mixers (not fruit juice) and go tall. if you like liqueurs, mix or alternate with diet soft drinks or water (not fruit juice) so that you're not drinking to quench thirst. choose lite beers if you're that way inclined. avoid alcopop type things, wkd etc. these tips will work to minimise your empty calorie/sugar consumption without taking away your social life :)
  6. Rach_25

    Rach_25 Full Member

    Great thanks everyone for replying, Day One - all good so far. I woke up late so I had a pint of water and then my shake at 12pm. Just had an orange as I was feeling a bit peckish. Is it okay to miss out on snacks? I'm working till midnight, so will probably have something after dinner. Not sure I could manage a second snack though as I still have a shake to go before dinner time. I feel much better doing things this way, I don't feel like I'm deprived of anything. I can still live a normal life, where as on CD, I couldn't do lunch, couldn't go out, pretty much had to close myself off for three months. Feeling very good about this :)
  7. sprytez

    sprytez Full Member

    there's a post further down from a lady who lost a tremendous amount of weight using SF without having the snacks, so it is doable as long as you don't feel deprived :)

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