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constant diarreah on week 2:(

S: 21st3lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.76%)
:cry:im on week 2 of lipotrim and am having constant diarreah:( i phoned the helpline who said it cant be the diet or my fluid intake(as i thought perhaps i was drinking 2 much).but now the lady at the pharmacy is concidering taking me of the program if it dusnt inprove by thursday im gutted as i am doing so well.im also confused why this is happining as people i know who have dun this diet b4 have been very constipated and well im just not..i feel fine otherwise no temp no sickness i acctually feel fantastic apart from this issue,has any1 else had the same experience and will it pass?HELP!!!
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Yeah, I get that too. I just take some diarrhea tablets and carry on. (although I have at times been known to be constipated on a vlcd- my body can never decide what it wants to do :rolleyes:)

Good luck

S: 21st3lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.76%)
iv been like this since friday last week i dont know whats going on lol.really dont want to have to come of this diet cus my blooming bodys let me down yet again ... i want a refund 4 this body its not what i asked 4 i asked 4 a size 10 blond haired blue eye model,insted i gota size 20 dark haired one with a bad attitude pmsl


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You can try some psyllium husk. I checked with my pharmacist when I started and it is ok to use. It's like the unflavoured fybogel, but 100% natural.

Take it with a small amount of water to stop diarrhea, and with loads of water to get rid of constipation.

But you cannot use the capsules, only the loose stuff. I got mine from my local health food shop, and they have it in Holland and Barrett. But the cheapest place to buy it is an Indian/ethnic shop, they call it isabgol.

The added benefit is that it fills you up.
hi hun, are you better today?? i hope so, if not i wouldnt be 2 concerned to be honest unless you are feeling unwell with it.

I have had a read on the cambridge diet and the lighterlife diet forum and alot of people on there seem to suffer with watery poo every day and not constipation whereas some of them do have constipation 'great how i am researching peoples toilet habits eh lol' , i was reading it because most people on here seem to have constipation and my bowel movements havent been watery or 2 hard to come out just 'normal' every day and i am on day 10 today restart....

i think it has a different affect on everybody,make sure u get enough water,just sipping throughout the day and as long as the upset tum doesnt bother you 2 much and isnt making u feel poorly i would continue, it is ur body and u know when it doesnt feel right, do what YOU feel is best for you.lets hope it settles down for you and you can happily continue with lipotrim and soon be that size 10 that you wanted to be :) GOOD LUCK

i am not saying go against the pharmacist and obviously if a doctor thought it was something more serious and told you to stop then doctor knows best BUT if you are feeling well etc then i would say you are just one of those that may suffer on and off with watery poo instead of being uncomfortable with poo that wont come out which i think is worse!!! let us know what you decide to do anyway xxxxx


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Aww poor you. If I was you I would drink plenty of water and take some immodium to see if that helps. If it doesn't then go see your Doc. Having the runs is awful, so draining, so take it easy and don't be doing anything too strenuous.

I laughed out loud at you saying you didn't get the body you asked for! I used to pray that I'd wake up in the morning lovely and slim, and my old body had just been a bad nightmare!
S: 21st3lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.76%)
im all better 2day yayyyyy and weigh in 2morrow so at least i can carry on whoop. my energys also returned 2day so been running up and down the stairs after almost falling over the dog twice, the dog thinks its highly amusing at this size 20 women running around like a twit but the kids think its great and cant wait 4 summer so i can play with them like a normal mummy can.roll on week 3 :)


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Glad it has got better. Don't worry too much I had it around week 3 and then last week for a whole week but ok again now. No idea why it is. Think of the calories burned running up those stairs lol!!

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