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constipation made me stop my cd

Perhaps you should take a daily fibre suppliment tony fergusson does one that you mix with water and it keeps everything moving (so you don't reach the point of constipation) as it contains both solouble and nonsolouble fibre its very good. Also senna is great and vey gental although you shouldn't leave to long if you know what I meam. There are much more aggressive laxatives available on the shelf in the supermarket to such as dulcolax. But the main thing is to keep it moving so you don't get constipated ie plenty of water, fibre supplement and squats!! lol How much water were you drinking by the way? ;) x


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But the main thing is to keep it moving so you don't get constipated ie plenty of water, fibre supplement and squats!! x
LOL, squats? :eek: Well, yeah, maybe. Maybe that's where I've been going wrong - not enough squatting. :D :D

I'll try it and report back... :greenapple:
Thank you for your advice I wasn't actually drinking a lot of water around 5 cups a daily.
I am taking currently movical as we don't have Cambridge diet fiber available in my area.


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Movicol is brilliant stuff. :)


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hi. i have journeyed on the cd wagon 2 times before and both times i had to come off the diet as a result of severe chronic constipation ( the longest i went without 'going' was 15 days and i was in so much agony with such a swollen stomach that my doctor said i had to either come off the diet or go into hospital for a ' manual evacuation' :eek:.
i suffer from chronic IBS which has been so bad over the years that i have been agoraphobic for the last 17 years, terrified i will need the toilet and not get there in time if im not at home. normal conventional foods have massive effects on me, wheat, grains, red meat, fats,spicy foods, the list is endless of the foods that cause terrible bouts of diarrhea with me and i have lived on constant loperamide (imodium) medication. my doctor had even advised me to take 12 per day when needed even though the maximum recommended is 8 per day.
on cambridge this is a very very different case for me. i struggle terribly and i think i always will.
i take fibre 89 every day, psylium husk tablets and 3 movicol every day and yet still i only 'go' once a week and it is still very time consuming and painful.
however, i refuse to allow my stupid body to sabotage my need to lose weight , so providing i continue to go to the toilet at least once a week i will plod on and grin and bear it until i am at goal.
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Thank you cherylex for sharing.
I was fine on 810 program I think ss is not suitable for our case and make our cornic constipation even worse.

I do have cornic mild constipation since long.
I find dulcolax I lifesaver i tk it once a week otherwise I wouldn't go at all! The things we put up with to lose weight! Lol x
I am back to CD today after 15 days of break.

I missed the diet was feeling nauseated after every time I eat.

Hope will do well for the coming few weeks.

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